Lady Gaga collapsed: the singer forced to cancel the last concert of her tour, she bursts into tears!

modified: 2022-09-19 14:04:02

Back on stage after a long period of absence, Lady Gaga was on tour around the world with her show called Chromatica.

  Lady Gaga

Remained in the shadows for a long time for health reasons, Lady Gaga has returned since last July for a world tour. Unpublished shows that she and her team started in Europe. However, during the final bouquet, the closing of this beautiful tour in Miami, she could not finish her show.

Back on stage, Lady Gaga sends heavy!

That she's been gone long enough under the spotlights , Lady Gaga fans are always there for her. As soon as she comes out of her silence and announces her plan to go on a world tour, there is something to delight her fans.

Indeed, for health reasons, Lady Gaga was forced to temporarily stop her shows. Back with physical and mental iron health, she projects herself.

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To sign this comeback, she started her tour all over Europe. Shows in which fans of this star tore their tickets . Only success for the singer regardless of the country. And as promised, the performances are breathtaking.

After her stint in Europe, Lady Gaga is heading for the United States. She and her team chose the Hard Rock Stadium to end the tour of Chromatics .

Promise kept: The shows are breathtaking

As usual, Lady Gaga does not spare herself when she embarks on a project. In order to keep her promise made to her fans, she prepares beautiful surprises for them with new and different shows wherever she goes.

Fans of the star are happy with his performances. And as always, the atmosphere and fury are at the rendezvous. From Europe to the United States, the promise is well kept. Only for the last show, Lady Gaga broke her word.

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She breaks down in tears, because she was forced to stop her spectacle at Miami. A decision that tore the heart of the star and who made him promise his fans again, a phenomenal return soon .

Lady Gaga: Show stopped by weather conditions

While Lady Gaga and her entire crew are thriving and giving their all stage, the weather decided otherwise. Indeed, at the end of his world tour entitled Chromatics at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, the storm hit hard.

Due to the abundance of rain, the star was forced to stop everything . At the same time, Lady Gaga burst into tears in the dressing rooms and decided to post on her Instagram account.

It is indeed between two sobs that Lady Gaga apologized to her fans for this incident. A decision which, according to her, is heartbreaking, but which had to be taken for the good of all.

She also pointed out that it was in no way for a health reason that she had to stop everything, but the bad weather. She reassures her fans that she is in great shape and she promises spectacles even more amazing than before.