Laeticia Hallyday bursts into tears after this unexpected discovery about Johnny Hallyday…

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Johnny Hallyday is a singer that the French loved. This is why his wife, Laeticia Hallyday, is so keen on this exhibition.

  Laeticia Hallyday

Laeticia Hallyday is preparing a titanic exhibition in tribute to Johnny Hallyday. In full preparation, the young woman discovers objects that she did not expect.

Laeticia Hallyday: The rocker's memories are just as vivid!

For so many years, the music of Johnny Hallyday has rocked the ears of millions of French people. And not only, because during his lifetime, he had also conquered the public international .

And as we often say: a legend does not die. Jade and Joy's mother decided to prepare for the star's fans , an exhibition recounting his scenic journeys .

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Now living in Los Angeles, Laeticia Hallyday spends a lot of time recreating the singer's costumes. She plans to put showcases more than thirty of the star's stage outfits. She admitted that she was already spending months sorting it out. Indeed, she wants the public to be able to relive the highlights of Le Taulier.

The exhibition will take place in Brussels. It will be huge since it will occupy a space of 3000m². For this tribute, Laeticia Hallyday even planned to rebuild the rocker's bedroom during his adolescence.

An incredible find among Johnny's belongings

Artist or not, he's still upsetting put away or sort the belongings of a loved one. Especially when it is no longer in this world. It takes a lot of work and even more when the person in question is a star.

For the case of Laeticia Hallyday, for example, she admits to our colleagues that she had a hard time doing it. Besides, it took her time to sort through her late husband's belongings.

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She was not at the end of her surprises. While sorting, she made a great discovery. As she had explained, her husband had the habit to put things that seem futile in his pockets. Most often, she found lighters, business cards or medicines.

But this time it was the photo of their daughter Jade, when she was 3 years old . She found the photo in Johnny Hallyday's pocket. In tears, she shares her discovery with her daughter. Just as moved and upset as her mother, Jade asked for her photo to be delivery in place

Laeticia Hallyday honors the memory of the father of her children

Laeticia Hallyday promises an extraordinary exhibition for her husband. Not only his fans will discover, through this event the life of the star.

But they will also have the privilege to see a selection of his costumes. For this, the mother of Jade and Joy has planned 32 Johnny Hallyday outfits.

Other accessories of the star will also be highlighted. So if you're a fan of Johnny Hallyday, save the date.

The exhibition will start on December 20, 2022 in Brussels . The fencing is not yet determined, but in order not to miss the event, go there early.