Large families: Laëtitia Provenchère leaves the TF1 show? A detail sows doubt

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Laëtitia Provenchère, emblematic member of 'Large families: life in XXL', is absent from the show. What is the cause ?

  Large families

Following the multiple consecutive departures of various families in the 'Large families: life in XXL' program, another family seems to have abandoned the project : that of Laëtitia Provenchère.

“Large families”: a single family

By presenting her new partner, Laëtitia Provenchère had captivated viewers of 'Large Families'. Several years after the death of the father of her children, this mother of four seems to have followed in the footsteps of the show's other departures .

As time goes by, the list of absences is growing . The new season of the show must compose without: the Bambara, the Fanich, the Santoro, the Dol, the Pellissard, the Cordule, and even the Valiente.

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So far, Laëtitia Provenchère did not formalize his departure on his platforms of social media. She therefore did not provide explanations to viewers of 'Large Families'. However, one element draws attention: the absence of his family in the credits of the seventh season of the show .

An exclusion during editing suggests his family has moved on. The Hämmerli, for their part, always appear in the credits despite their departure announcement on May 3. The Baudrands, the Boibessots and the Riquelmes are always present .

The Blois family is also making a comeback on television . The Benaïssas and the Tuzzolis are the new flagship families of the “Large Families” program.

Families denounce the production

In just a few months, the show ' Large families ' faces many departures . Some families openly criticized the production. Going so far as to consider legal action to settle their differences. The Pellissards, for example, are asking for the requalification of their contract in order to be remunerated for their participation on the screen , like the candidates of reality TV shows.

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Céline Saffré is also filing a complaint against the production, accusing it of ' concealed work '. Other families, such as the Valiente and the Bambara, criticized the filming and editing conditions . On the other hand, the Hämmerli shared positive feedback on Instagram, without giving details on the reasons for their departure.

At any rate, the reality tv show still seems to be faced with a significant renewal of six participants.

Laëtitia Provenchère of “Large Families” goes ahead

This Sunday, January 29, full of emotion, this young mother finally feels ready to open her heart and welcome love. She chooses to confide in they are Instagram account :

' This feeling so strong and so inexplicable... A few months ago, I never thought I would be able to. I know you are asking yourself a lot of questions, because here I have never told you about the existence of Tony, I am explaining to you now. »

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Laetitia Provenchère (Large families) approaches a difficult speech , fearing criticism regarding his new romantic relationship:

'Know that some of my friends or even my family don't know about it. I know it may sound crazy, but I assure you that fear of judgment takes over. I know that most of you tell yourself that I have the right to be happy, and indeed, that is the case! But it's so difficult to move forward in life, to come to terms with the fact that I have the right to love again. »

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Laetitia Provenchère would like to point out that this in no way erases the happiness she experienced with her late husband. As a mother of four children, she says:

'I will explain to you as I was able to tell Nolann, the heart of a mother does not divide, it multiplies. Well there it is the same, my love for Guillaume does not change and will never change, I just made an extra place for a man who accepts to love me every day. »

A new member of the family

The acceptance of a new companion by an entire family is a daunting task . However, it is the feat that the one she affectionately nicknames ' Toto ' has managed to accomplish.

She asserts:

'I assure you that his position is far from simple, and yet he was able to be accepted by everyone. For the children, his nickname is “Toto” and of course from the beginning we clearly explain things to the children (…) About me, with the passing months I accept the idea of ​​loving and being loved again, because happiness has no price unless it is shared ”

The former candidate of “Large Families” is overwhelmed by the good news , enjoying the full support and understanding of his community.

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