Large families: Laetitia Servières makes a moving announcement, her son Léo has autism

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Laëtitia Servières, ex-star of reality TV ' Large family ', has just shared important news about her son Léo.

  Laetitia Servières

The news fell like a thunderclap: this Thursday, May 11, 2023, the Servières discovered that their son, Leo, has autism . This announcement puts an end to many months of uncertainty, and it is on Instagram that Laetitia Servieres of “large families” chose to share his feelings about it .

' Large families ', an obstacle course

Managing a large family requires organization. When times are difficult, the Servières have found a trick to control their finances on a daily basis . They shared their method to limit their expenses.

If you want, you can take notes. The Servières family, led by Laëtitia and Sébastien, has nine children, which gives them many tips. Multiplying children involves more worries and health problems . At the Servières, baby Loëvann was hospitalized and required oxygen , leaving her mother upset.

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Laëtitia Servières had expressed her concerns about the silence of his young son Leo . He will be 3 years old on June 18th. Thursday, May 11, 2023, she brought news about it .

Laëtitia Servières, a loving mother

The mom published a post on Instagram where she expresses her emotion following the diagnosis of autism of his son :

“ The autism verdict is in. We expected it, but we were all shaken up by it '

Under the moving title ' Forrest ' by Soprano, a touching declaration of love was made :

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'Leo, our hero. We will move forward with you hand in hand. Day by day, because one thing is certain, your particularity also makes us be in the present. We promise to accompany you, to support you, to support you, to make you grow and evolve. You are our strength, mom and dad are there for you and your brothers and sisters. We trust you, you will get there '

Laetitia Servieres is determined to support her son , regardless of the sacrifices to be made:

'For the past few days, you've been saying 'Mom, I don't even know how to describe what I feel in these moments. We know it's not always going to be easy, there are going to be great victories and more difficult times... We're going to hang on, we'll move mountains if necessary to [see] our big baby smile [and breathe ] the joy of living '

The Bambara family, whose four children have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder e, also knows this daily.

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Laëtitia Servières, a fighting mother

The mother fears that:

'What I think will hurt us the most are people's looks, the judgments of certain people, mockery and so on...'

And she continues with:

“ We will arm ourselves to face it. The differences are often pointed out by ignorance. Love, my Leo. »

Many internet users expressed their support for Laëtitia Servières in the comments:

' The strength of your family will be your driving force', ' Strength to you, everything will be fine ', ' I'm sure he has special sensitivities and talents. He is still small, everything has to fall into place, but he will amaze you. »

The Vantorre family also reacted to this news:

'Together will be your strength'

It certainly lifted their spirits.

'Large families': the day his son Loëvann was hospitalized

Following breathing difficulties, Loëvann was taken to the hospital where he remained under night watch. Medical staff detected instability in the little boy after examinations. Although Laetitia Servières was optimistic about the state of health of her infant, he had to receive oxygen and his state of health slightly worsened .

This difficult situation stressed the mother, who shared news of her 'little cat' on Instagram where he had previously appeared in better shape .

  Large families
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Loëvann's breathing difficulties were mentioned, as well as the necessary oxygen treatment. It was also revealed that his release from the hospital would not be immediate :

'It wasn't right, he was desaturating. I slept but badly, I have very little room. Loëvann suckled twice, he slept well, that's the main thing. My morale is starting to run out, it's been a long time, Loëvann often has crying fits and I miss my children,' admitted his mother.

With tears in my eyes but adopting a courageous attitude , Laeticia Servières of “Large Families” confessed:

'Seeing him like that with these pipes is difficult, it hurts my heart, it's not easy. We hope things will get better soon. »

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