Large families: 'Let's go' Ambre Dol reveals a touching family photo

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'Let's go': Ambre Dol of Large Families makes a new revelation about her new life as a single mom

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The couple Alexander and Amber of Large families: life in XXL decided to separate in November 2022. The mother had to rebuild herself and refocus on her to appreciate her new single life. A few months later, she decides to do the balance sheet of the road already traveled . Elle s'prime sur son compte instagram de ella.

Large families: the couple Ambre and Alexandre separated

Amber Dol announced separate from her husband Alexandre in November 2022. Suffice to say that the end of last year was difficult for this large family. “There were big changes in our life , bilateral pneumonia was not the only reason for our absence. Many of you have understood that Alexandre and I have decided to take a different path. “, she had explained.

Indeed, the family was revealed thanks to the flagship show Large families: life in XXL. For this reason, fans of the family were saddened by the separation from the couple. For this fighting mother , a single subject of anxiety: how to help your children get through this stormy and painful period of separation.

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Nevertheless , Internet users supported Ambre Dol in this event. Indeed, the mother of five children delivered the difficulties she was going through after this ordeal. To this end, fans have given their support to each Instagram post of Ambre Dol.

She also made the decision to temporarily give up her activities as a volunteer firefighter in order to devote herself fully to her little ones... A choice that was not made without pain, but which, in her opinion, was the right one. In addition, Ambre Dol expressed the pleasure she took in living alone and thinking of her.

Ambre Dol takes stock of her new single life

The breakup was not easy. Ambre Dol struggled to welcome and appreciate her new life as a single mother . However, the mother of Large families recently mentioned that she was starting to enjoy her own company and that, besides, she was not ready to bring someone new into her life.

This February 21, 2023, the pretty mother of Large families gave a positive assessment of his life. Indeed, she posted a photo for which in the caption she begins by saying: “ Let's go '. Ambre Dol is surrounded by her five pretty children in the black and white photo.

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« I am this independent woman and this active and solo mother of a large family . […] I am not ashamed to tell you that my hypersensitivity, my doubts, my tears, my wounds, my pain, my path, my failures, my story or even my battle contributed not only to to make me more solid than ever but also to invade me with a feeling of pride ! “, she continued.

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A truly strength to overcome obstacles and weaknesses who now lives in the pretty blonde. In other words, she succeeded in transforming fears into strengths and a joy of living. Amber Dol of Large families, found a balance she feared she would not find. 'I never imagined being so fulfilled in this role of single mom and yet I am undeniably! “, she declared fully positive. A message full of encouragement for those who are going through a similar ordeal.

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