Large families: life in XXL: Ambre Dol, the mother worries about being separated from her children

modified: 2022-12-21 19:18:02

Separated from her husband, Ambre Dol of “Large Families: Life in XXl” must now share custody of her children with him.

  Large families: life in XXL: Ambre Dol, the mother worries about being separated from her children

On November 25, 2022, Ambre Dol, one of the stars of the show 'Large families: life in XXL' made a terrible confidence on his Instagram account . Indeed, according to her words, she separated from her husband, Alexandre. It was a shock for internet users . And it is also difficult for the mother who has to adapt to her new daily life and to the fact of having to share his last two children with their dad .

Amber Dol, hospitalized

For some time, Ambre Dol was discreet on social networks . The mother of five who was revealed in “Large Families: Life in XXL” went through a series of difficulties .

Indeed, at the beginning of November, she suffered from bilateral pneumonia . On Wednesday, November 2, she confided in an Instagram story:

“Thank you for your many messages. I am very tired. I'm going back to the emergency room, because since last night, I've been coughing up blood... Yeah, I know, it's not very glamorous... I remain confident. I think it's my pneumonia that's tough... But I'm even tougher than her. »

In order to overcome this pneumonia, the candidate of the program 'Large families: life in XXL' had to be hospitalized for several days and placed on life support. Luckily, the young woman got out of it and was able to go home and get back on your feet .

His pneumonia? Ambre Dol had explained that it was due to an influenza virus , responsible for the flu. That's not all ! While in hospital, doctors detected a 5mm nodule during a CT scan. A nodule that she must control during the month of december .

“Large families: life in XXL”: a heavy separation

The troubles didn't stop there for the mother . While Ambre Dol was becoming more and more discreet on social networks, fans thought it was due to his medical condition . But it was much more serious than that.

As announced by the one who was seen in “Large Families: Life in XXl”, she separated from her companion, Alexandre . Without taboo, she revealed the bad news on her Instagram account.

“There have been big changes in our lives, the bilateral pneumonia was not the only reason for our absence. Many of you have understood that Alexandre and I have decided to take a different path. I do not wish to express myself further on this subject already for our children but also for both of us, this will remain our secret garden. I hope you understand it,” she wrote.

Internet users did not believe what they heard. Because, nothing suggested any divorce . The firefighter and nurse had also displayed, during her hospitalization, a photo of an embrace with her husband .

Would she have given a sign in January 2022 that her relationship was already going badly? Indeed, if you remember correctly, this month of January, Ambre Dol posted phrases on Instagram that presaged their separation .

'Don't think we're a perfect couple…' she said.

The “Large Families: Life in XXL” star went on to say:

“We have to know how to deal with our respective shortcomings, misunderstanding, sometimes absent or deaf communication, disagreements, our weaknesses, our strengths and our doubts. It is sometimes a fight of love: to fight, to persevere never to separate… to seduce again and again… to find the happy medium which is so difficult to detect! »

Ambre Dol, far from her children

Whatever, the separation is now final . Ambre left the marital home to go live with her five children on the second floor of her parents' house.

She will, for the first time this year, being alone and therefore without her children for a certain period of time . For good reason, his first three will go to their father and the last two to Alexandre. The mother of 'Large families: life in XXL' is not yet accustomed to this new way of life . Especially about not seeing his children.

In the caption of a photo of his little family on Instagram, she confided precisely her difficulty in accepting the situation .

“Superman! Superlove of my children! (…) Tomorrow, I have no more children until December 24th… celebrating Christmas with my 5 children is my best Christmas present… for nothing in the world, I would exchange this privilege for something else. I then have them all for the second week of vacation. How can I tell you that I am anxious about these few days without them… “, could we read.

Amber then clarified that she was trying to fill her schedule as much as possible to avoid thinking about the absence and lack of his children.

“I have several things planned administratively, professionally, humanly speaking… You have to keep your mind busy even if every second I will think of them,” she confessed.

To parents who are in the same situation, she sent them:

“Good luck to the parents who are going through all these separations with difficulty. I always tell them: 'when you put your hand on your heart and you feel these beats, you also feel your mom'. »

The candidate of the program 'Large families: life in XXL' hashtag her new life mentioning “solo mom” . Ambre Dol would then be a heart to take. In any case, we wish him to find the one who will capsize his heart.

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