Large families: Raoudha Jean-Zéphirin, mother for the 9th time

modified: 2022-12-17 19:11:02

Raoudha Jean-Zéphirin and her family are over the moon. The one who participates in 'Large Families' has just given birth to her 9th baby.

  Large families: Raoudha Jean-Zéphirin, mother for the 9th time

It is on social networks that Raoudha Jean-Zéphirin announced the wonderful news . With this new birth, the clan of the candidate of 'Large Families' expand a little more .

Note that during her pregnancy, the one who is now a mother of 9 children suffered a lot. In particular, because of health concerns.

Large families: a happy event

The life of Raoudha Jean-Zéphirin has changed completely since his participation to 'Large families'. Through the show, she gained some notoriety and became a social media star.

Its subscribers are witnesses, Raoudha loves to share his daily life there . Moreover, this is one of the most gratifying news that she has shared with them lately.

After 9 long months of doubts and anxieties, the mother of the family welcomed a ninth child . The latter was born on the night of Thursday 15 to Friday 16 December 2022.

The arrival of her toddler delighted Raoudha to the highest degree . So much so that, just hours after giving birth, she posted a photo that made a lot of reactions from its subscribers . In this photo, we see her hand holding her baby's hand.

“Congratulations friends! You will all be together for the Christmas holidays! », « My congratulations, and do not listen to what people say. Biz à vous”, “Congratulations to you and your husband. Welcome little baby,” reads the comment bar.

FYI, the name of Raoudha's 9th child has not yet been revealed . The candidate for “Large Families” also chose not to reveal her face. Definitely, she wants to keep it as long as possible away from the spotlight.

The departure of the eldest

Parents of 9 children, Raoudha and her companion are happy with the life they have . They do their best to guide their tribe and enjoy every moment spent with them.

Note that recently, the eldest of the family left the family cocoon . In order to continue his studies, Deynis, the big brother of Raoudha's 8 children, set sail.

Which affected Raoudha a lot. Always very in love with her big boy , the candidate for “Large Families” had a hard time letting him go.

“Today was a difficult day. Between the departure of Deynis, which makes me sad, and the fatigue on top of that… That's why I wasn't very present”, she confided on November 20 on Instagram.

Can the departure of the eldest compromise the balance of the family? Of course not. Knowing them, Raoudha and his companion will do everything to keep their good old habits . They will set the mood and it will be as if nothing had happened.

For those who don't know, Raoudha's 7 other children are called Mael , Timéo, Emma, ​​Lyla-Rose, Maloé, Rubenn and Léandre. To their mother, they are the most important thing in the world. Real treasures.

'The most beautiful role of my life, the most beautiful job in the world, my most beautiful passion, my most beautiful fatigue, my most beautiful sleepless nights, my wealth, my greatest treasures, my sun, my light, my life, my children, my family,” she said, referring to her role as a mother.

They are mari, they are rock

Her children are not Raoudha Jean-Zéphirin's only source of happiness. She also has her husband who loves and protects her . In a relationship since 2015, she only married him in November 2021 .

For the candidate of 'Large families' , they are mari is the support that helps him never give up . Thanks to him, the mother manages to stay strong, even if sometimes her daily life can be chaotic.

Know this, things have not always been easy for Raoudha and her husband . At the beginning of their relationship, they had a lot of trouble making ends meet.

“We went through the galleys together, professionally, it was difficult. When we met in 2005, it was hard for us without a job or a diploma. But slowly, we created our family with our means and that makes us even prouder, ”recalled Raoudha when she was asked about her past.

Today, Raoudha and her companion are happy . They have financial stability and can enjoy their children as they wish.

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