Large families: Stéphane Jean Zephirin, his tender declaration to his wife after giving birth

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The wife of Stéphane Jean Zephirin, known thanks to Large Families, recently gave birth. Her husband made a touching statement to her.

  Large families / Stéphane Jean Zephirin, his tender declaration to his wife after giving birth

If you follow the program of TF1, Families Many, then you probably know the Jean Zephirin family. A large tribe with now nine children. Oh yeah, you read it well ! Raoudha Jean Zephirin recently gave birth to her ninth child. A test of her life that she has already gone through but that does not make her any easier . Thus, on December 16, 2022, Stéphane Jean Zephirin posted an Instagram story. And this, to make a declaration of love to his wife, the strongest woman he knows. He evokes in particular the courage she was able to show throughout her delivery. A touching message from her husband which should not have gone unnoticed. We'll explaine everything here !

Large Families: a new baby

You are no doubt familiar with the principle of the TF1 program, Families Many. Viewers can therefore view part of the daily life of certain families. Whether it's the Provenchère, the Santoro, the Gonzales, the Romero, the Bambara, the Fanich, and many others. the December 16, 2022, one of the families saw a new baby being born. Indeed, the Jean Zephirin tribe has welcomed their ninth child . Eleven people at home to liven up the days!

Thus, Raoudha Jean Zephirin gave birth to a little girl, Romane, in excellent health. And it must be said that the mother of the family did not wait long before announcing it on her Instagram account. The mother of one of the tribes of Large Families has therefore announced, with great joy, the arrival of her ninth little one.

Free time for the mother?

Fans were happy to hear that the baby and the mother of the family have been doing well since the birth . Therefore, Raoudha Jean Zephirin , of Large Families, insisted on bombarding its 195,000 Instagram subscribers. And this, news after this great ordeal. Her community loves her news on a daily basis: a way for them to feel closer to the mother of the family.

Raoudha Jean Zephirin has therefore been in the maternity ward for almost three days. It must be said that she is undoubtedly enjoying the time she has, with only one child in her care. As you know, both parents have nine children together : Maël, Deynis, Timéo, Emma, ​​Lyla-Rose, Maloé, Rubenn, Léandre and now Romane. It would therefore seem that childbirth is a moment that she wishes to cherish as much as possible. And this, before resuming his chaotic life.

  Large families
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Stéphane (Large Families): His declaration of love

Fortunately, the mother of one of the tribes of Large Families did not have to face this ordeal alone . Indeed, she was able to count on the support of her husband, Stéphane Jean Zephirin. The latter has has repeatedly shown its support . First, he accompanied his wife throughout the delivery of their ninth child.

Then he sent her a touching declaration of love in story on his Instagram account. ' I hope to have accompanied you as you needed in these moments of happiness certainly but also of pain for you “, he wrote. And this, before continuing by saying: Even if it is impossible for me to imagine your suffering at the time of delivery, I hope I was able to help you and relieve you a little. It's a small thing even if my words, my encouragements, and my attentions could help you '. In conclusion of his touching message of support, the father of the Large Families tribe confided: “ The helplessness felt is strong at that time for the future dad, at least for me ».

Helplessness in the face of the childbirth of his wife

Like many dads in this situation, impotence remains one of the most complicated aspects . While his wife was dealing with childbirth, he could only give her mental support. ' Your suffering has been a great frustration ». A message that reflects the feelings of many fathers during childbirth.

When Raoudha Jean Zephirin saw her husband's message, she did not hesitate to repost it on her account. It should be recalled that in the month of October 2022, this tribe has decided to stop their participation in the filming of Large Families on TF1. They want to focus on their family life and their nine children, including a newborn.

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