Laura Smet: her revelations about her loss of 27 kilos after her pregnancy

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Laura Smet went through what most women experience during their pregnancy: weight gain. She even took 27!

  Laura Smet: her revelations about her loss of 27 kilos after her pregnancy

As a reminder, Laura Smet first brought to life in October 2020 . While she obviously took some curves after giving birth, the actress now shows off a slimmer figure . How did she do it? Here are the secrets of Johnny Hallyday's daughter to lose her 27 extra pounds.

Laura Smet, mother of a 2-year-old boy

It was on the night of October 7 to 8, 2020 that Laura Smet became a mother for the first time . The actress gave birth to a son whom she named, with her husband, Raphaël Lancrey-Javal, Léo.

Star or not, the one who celebrated her 39th birthday on November 15 gained weight during pregnancy . 27 kilos according to his words. And it was during an interview with Madame Figaro that Laura Smet confided in the subject – and so many others.

Thus, the daughter of Nathalie Baye with Johnny Hallyday reveals his sports routine , but also their eating habits. Secrets that allowed him to gradually lose his extra pounds.

We can say it, Laura Smet quickly regained her pre-pregnancy physique . Like what, by having the right eating habits and practicing a sporting activity, the wife of Raphaël Lancrey-Javal achieved this feat in less than a year .

“Eight months later, I found my figure,” she explained to the newspaper.

What exactly is this method that makes you lose almost 30 kilos in so little time ? Well, Laura Smet revealed everything in this interview.

“Intensive training” and a “diet”

In her interview with Madame Figaro, Laura Smet revealed all the details of how she did . Already, she recognizes leaving with an advantage, as her stressed nature helps her burn a few extra calories.

As much to tell you that is not enough to shed 27 kilos ! As a result, Laura Smet began by changing her eating habits. She then coupled this with the practice of regular sports activities.

“I went back to intensive training, but I went a little hard and too fast …”, she readily admitted in the columns of Madame Figaro.

As for the sessions, it is mainly based on yoga which “sculpts the silhouette” , walking, boxing, push-ups and sit-ups. No need to tell you that you need unfailing motivation and rigor to be able to keep up.

“I also followed a diet that works well for me: do not deprive myself during the day and stop eating at 6:30 p.m.,” revealed Laura Smet.

This before clarifying:

'If I'm hungry, I eat!' »

Laura Smet also did not forget to talk about his retention problem of water. Indeed, this is common among women who have given birth. For her case, she was able to benefit from the help of a friend.

'I was also able to count on the talents of a friend to make me palpate-roll, because I stored a lot of water when I was pregnant,' she explained.

Of course, Laura Smet did not fail to praise this massage . For her case, it would have allowed her to deflate more quickly and regain her pre-pregnancy body.

Laura Smet displays her muscular body

Laura Smet's efforts are paying off. And the actress is proud to show the result to her fans who follow her on social media. Indeed, when the curtain falls, she goes to the gym to sculpt her body .

In addition, on January 13, 2023, David Hallyday's sister proudly showed off his muscular body on Instagram . Dressed in a white cyclist and a bra of the same color, Laura Smet impressed her followers.

There is reason, because his appearance has nothing to do with that of a woman who gave birth. Shapely legs, flat stomach, toned arms, the thirty-year-old is undoubtedly jealous and jealous.

In legend of the story, the actress simply wrote :

'Sport Always'

  Laura Smet
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The least we can say is that the mother of the family does not skimp on efforts to have the physique of his dreams . In a previous selfie, still in the same outfit, Laura Smet put on boxing gloves. A real fighter!

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