Laura Smet: magnificent unpublished photo with Johnny Hallyday and Nathalie Baye

modified: 2022-12-29 23:50:02

For the occasion of Christmas, Laura Smet has unveiled a photo of her mother with her father, Johnny Hallyday.

  Laura Smet: magnificent unpublished photo with Johnny Hallyday and Nathalie Baye

Laura Smet remains the second daughter of the great Johnny Hallyday . While her big brother therefore remains David Hallyday, she decided, for the occasion of Christmas, to show a photo of her two parents together, with her young on her knees. A tender snapshot of a time when the family still seemed united . A very nostalgic memory for this woman who knew her separated parents much more than together. Despite this, she wanted to celebrate her family, by sharing an unpublished photo. We will explain everything to you.

Laura Smet, the death of her father

Thus, while Laura Smet knew her father much more as a divorcee from her mother, she seemed to have a lot of love for him. The young woman of the time, however, had a hard time supporting the choices of the latter. This, like the Hallyday clan . Indeed, when the pioneer decided to date a woman much younger than him, his already existing family did not really have the help to approve. But, unfortunately for the clan, Johnny Hallyday really seems to have fallen in love with Laeticia Hallyday, his fourth wife. . And although she remains his fourth wife, she is the one who has been able to keep him with her the longest.

It turns out that it remains Laeticia Hallyday who was able to stay with Johnny Hallyday even during his last breath. Indeed, there are already more than five years, the father of Laura Smet breathed his last. This took place in his house in Marnes-la-Coquette. A difficult time for the entire Hallyday clan, but also for the whole of France which has experienced national mourning . However, the death of the latter seemed to be only the beginning of the sorrows of the family.

It turns out that the pioneer decided to put in his will only his current wife and his two youngest daughters, Jade and Joy. . On the other hand, his first two children, David and Laura Smet, did not seem to appear in the latter. A finding difficult to swallow for the first two children of the star who have even decided to go to trial with the last wife of his father.

A long process

It turns out that Laura Smet, supported by her mother, said that the will could not be good that way . So the trial began, so the first two children of the pioneer ask to be given something. After many months, his brother, David Hallyday, decided to withdraw from the trial. All he seemed to ask was that his father's works be in France.

Laura Smet managed to recover many more things. She recovered a million euros in addition to the million of her brother which he gave up . Also, she had the moral rights to her father's song for her and 5 million euros , as well as a collectible guitar. And this without recovering any debt.

A picture for Christmas

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So, for the Christmas party, Laura Smet decided to share a photo of her father, her mother and herself still small. This photo dates from the 1980s where we see Johnny Hallyday and Nathalie Baye. She writes in the caption: The vintage photo, Merry Christmas ”. It must be said that the love story between his parents could only last three years, from 1982 to 1985. Which still left time to give birth to Laura Smet.

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