Laura Smet talks about her biggest shame during a Johnny Hallyday concert, big discomfort!

modified: 2022-09-27 17:56:04

Laura Smet remembers and recounts the most embarrassing situation she has experienced. She was with her father that day,

  Laura Smet

Through an interview with Laurent Delahousse for 8:30 p.m. on Sunday on France 2. Johnny Hallyday's daughter, Laura Smet suddenly remembered her biggest shame at the Parc des Princes. She tells everything.

Laura Smet remembers a big blunder from her youth

A memory that Laura Smet, the daughter of rocker Johnny Hallyday told, her biggest shame. At the age of 10, Laura Smet accompanied her father for a benefit at the Parc des Princes.

The spectators were around 50,000 people. And she still remembered the moment. She was there and she was very proud when her father played the song Laura .

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At this precise moment, all public started looking at her, since the song was about her. Laura Smet was also her father's pride. But then, everything changed. Laura, very shy, stole the red make-up. She confided: I put on a big red blush' . A shame that came out of nowhere and changed everything.

Despite this incident, Laura Smet has excellent memories of the concert at the Parc des Princes. Plus, it's not every day you get an autographed song in front of thousands of people. Always so proud of her father, her idol, she confides that he was the love of her life.

In the footsteps of his idol

Laura Smet has always loved the stage. She is now on the poster of the play The Uncertainty Principle with Jean-Pierre Darroussin in Montparnasse.

For her, it is also a first step in the theater . Moreover, she confessed that the fact of playing theater is very dizzying. Laura said: 'When you're in front of the curtain and you know it's going to go up, it's a feeling I've never known' .

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Nathalie Baye, her mother is also a actress who had the opportunity to play in several plays. She had already felt, no doubt, this beautiful feeling before the curtain rose. Otherwise, her father, who was a French music star, certainly experienced these feelings during his performances. A feeling that cannot be explained.

Additionally, he got to star in an adaptation of a Tennessee Williams Test. She still remembered: “He was petrified with fear before doing this piece, it was the silences that scared him” .

Laura Smet will go far

Laura Smet was born with the blood of an artist. An actress mother and a father singer , we can say that the scene no longer frightens him. She will no longer have to feel the shame of her life when she was 10 years old.

On the contrary, she now experiences a great feeling of pleasure and looks forward to her next appearance on stage.

Throughout her childhood, Laura Smet was under the spotlight of spotlights with his father. She used to follow him during his concerts.

In short, she took a liking to this life that she finally decided to take the step. We wish him a great success that will go far beyond his father's career.