Laure Manaudou and Jérémy Frérot: in the middle of a trip, the couple shares a snapshot of their son Lou

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Laure Manaudou and Jérémy Frérot united in 2015. Today, they taste the happiness of the life of parents.

  Laure Manaudou and Jérémy Frérot: in the middle of a trip, the couple shares a snapshot of their son Lou

We often hear that the world of show business remains very closed. Also, the celebrity weddings often make the headlines. Actors, artists, athletes… All this small world evolves in the same places and the same circles. Laure Manaudou and her husband, Jérémy Frérot , are no exception to the rule. Married since 2015, the two stars have given birth to two children. Born in 2017 and 2021. Recently, former Olympic swimmer shared an adorable photo, showing her eldest son, Lou, on a train ride.

Laure Manaudou, who has become an accomplished mother

France is well aware of the brilliant career of this athlete. Next to Philippe Lucas , this athlete enjoyed fame and a promising start. Moreover, Laure Manaudou participated in the Beijing Olympics and the London Olympics . Throughout her career, she was able to become champion of France and Europe.

But at 36, this athlete also knows the joys of motherhood . She gave birth to her daughter Manon in 2010, from her union with Frédéric Bousquet. But since then, Laure Manaudou has rebuilt her life with Jeremy Frerot . Together, they are happy to welcome two sons: Lou , as well as an infant born in 2021, whose first name remains unknown.

The whole little family now lives in Gironde . Unfortunately, as you know, this area has suffered many fires this summer. To the extent that Laure Manaudou and her relatives had to leave their accommodation the time of an evacuation. That said, things have now been back to normal.

Lou, the swimmer's adorable little boy

Like many personalities, Laura Manaudou has an Instagram account , which she feeds regularly. However, she is not used to exposing her children on social networks. As well, its subscribers had a very nice surprise seeing his last story pass.

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Indeed, the former swimmer published a very touching shot . We see his son Lou, born in 2017, busy drawing while traveling by train . However, Laure Manaudou took this photo without revealing her child's face. You can just see this little guy from behind, concentrated on his drawing .

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A calm and intimate moment, which undoubtedly delighted the fans of the athlete. For now, the young woman and her husband have no plans to have other children . In any case, this is what Jérémy Frérot said during a recent interview in 50′ inside. “Second child, second album. I won't make more children, but I think I will make more albums. »

On his side, Laure Manaudou already has three children in total . And the two older ones seem rather sporty, like their mother. Thereby Manon regularly practices skateboarding and young Lou plays rugby in a club located in Gironde. Will they follow in their mother's footsteps? Will they choose another path? After all, her two young sons might as well take inspiration from their dad , moving towards a more artistic path. The future will tell.

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