Laure Manaudou mother filled: she reveals a cute photo of her two very accomplice sons!

modified: 2022-09-18 17:11:02

Former swimming champion, Laure Manaudou, shares in the story of her Instagram account a snapshot of her children. The two were playing the piano.

  Laure Manaudou

Laure Manaudou shared on social media a photo of her children on Sunday September 4th. The snapshot showed her two children having fun on the piano. As a reminder, the young mother was a former high-level French swimmer. She now settles in a quiet town with her family. To know her husband Jérémy Frérot and her three children.

Let's remember who Laure Manaudou is!

Laure Manaudou is a former swimmer French. She is currently the mother of three children. Her eldest daughter is named Manon and she is 11 years old. The youngster was at the time couple with Frédérick Bousquet, also a swimmer. She then welcomed two more children, this time by marrying Jérémy Frérot, a singer. The little girl's name is Lou. The name of the little boy , for its part, remains unknown to public .

The family of Laure Manaudou fortunately settled in the south-west of France. A fairly quiet town far from the Parisian din . In addition, the young mother does not hesitate to share some of her moments of happiness on the social networks . Thus, photos showing the swimmer with her children and her husband are from time to time published on her account. Instagram .

Laure Manaudou as a mother

According to Laure Manaudou, she doesn't really have time to be bored with her family. She also announced that the role of housewife was much harder than his career as swimmer high level. Since taking care of three children already requires enough energy, the young mother does not plan to have a fourth.

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In effect, the arrival of the third baby Wasn't really easy, she said. Laure Manaudou is so busy fulfilling the role of mom that she sometimes forgets to think about her. It happens sometimes that the young mom sit down tired, misunderstood and unsupported . She even feels lost when she fails to do her best with her children.

Laure Manaudou shares a photo of her children on Instagram!

One of photos which marked the story of Laure Manaudou was surely that of January 01, 2022. The photo showed her three children playing in their garden. The photo was taken from behind and the faces of the little ones were masked . As for the last photo published on the Instagram account of the former champion swimming, this reveals her two little ones.

The children by Laure Manaudou were playing the piano, side by side. This photograph reflects a beautiful understanding between them. Moreover, they are both cute and crunchy. His subscribers were delighted . Besides, who knows if, unlike their mom, they're not going to be swimmers , but rather great pianists?