Laurence Boccolini victim of a vast scam: she expresses herself violently

modified: 2023-02-08 14:06:03

Laurence Boccolini has had a violent rant on Instagram because his image is used in false advertisements

  Laurence Boccolini: victim of scams, she breaks the silence 'Thank you for reporting them'

Laurence Boccolini speaks on her Instagram profile. In fact, she would be victim of a vast scam . She explains that she is no longer able to see her image used for misleading advertising. These advertisements in question are promotion of slimming products . She lets out a violent roar on this subject.

Laurence Boccolini victim of the use of his image for false advertisements

Host Laurence Boccolini has a strong character. Indeed, this Monday, February 6, she cracked and expressed herself on Instagram through a message virulent. Concretely, Laurence Boccolini is fed up. In fact, she says she is victim of a scam which she has already denounced before. The host of Everyone wants to take its place, on France 2, deplores the fact that her image is used for advertisements to which she does not adhere in the least.

Laurence Boccolini has expressed his annoyance en s'exprimant' On a ras-le-bol !!! ». People use their face to promote slimming products without their consent . Additionally, she posted a message along with a photo montage showing three false advertisements using her likeness, with a smile on her face. Finally, the former presenter of TF1 explained, exasperated, that these photos were stolen from her and that people are scammed in her name. She said it's 'terrifying'.

Laurence Boccolini invites his subscribers to help him put an end to this masquerade by reporting the advertisements

After cracking up, Laurence Boccolini warned her subscribers against misleading advertisements and urged them to take action against this massive scam. She advised her followers to report misleading ads. Despite his efforts to fight this charade for years, she failed to end it.

With good reason, she decided it was time to seek additional help from his fans. « Report to Instagram all these shameful ads, don't buy anything to these people, you will never get your money back, This is theft whether it's FIGUR diet or something else! We spend months fighting for it to go away and it comes back!! And Instagram does nothing. she declared insurgent.

Laurence Boccolini had already reported this scam years before

Already in 2018, the host expressed anger at ads that used her image without her consent. ' They use the name of famous people to attract you to their page : impossible to attack them legally since they are at the end of the world. Report their accounts maybe… In any case, Do not let yourself be fooled ! “, she had already lamented.

Really, Laurence Boccolini feels destitute. Despite two years of effort, the masquerade persists And in 2020, she again warned her subscribers. 'We don't know what to do to make it stop. Instagram does nothing and they take advantage of it. So these sponsored ads are SCAMS. Thank you for reporting them “, she had relaunched. Unfortunately, this vicious cycle never seems to end. Since in 2023 she throws her bottle back into the sea and is indignant , Well Named.

The question is, will she win? Will we finally free our image from false advertisements? Another question, will reports from its subscribers be enough?

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