Laurent Maistret disappointed after his elimination from Mask Singer: 'I was taken out like a mess'

modified: 2022-09-22 19:54:02

Mask Singer promises exceptional shows for the new season. Unfortunately, a candidate will return!

  Mask Singer

Mask Singer, a show that consists of performing in front of juries while being masked. The candidates are therefore judged solely by their charisma, their scenic expression, but above all by their voice. During the last broadcast, Laurent Maistret was unmasked and left the race. Disgusted by this news, he asks to be reinstated, because he has already prepared a breathtaking performance.

Mask Singer: The feeling of disgust of an eliminated participant!

Laurent Maistret appeared before the juries, disguised as a knight on the evening of his defeat. The performance went well, but the result was ice water poured on his back. But for him, the next bounty was his trump card . Before he even has time to show off his dancing skills, it's all over.

Interviewed on the subject, he confessed: I'm disgusted, I was taken out like a mess on a prime where I didn't even dance' . We feel a little sadness in the words of this outgoing Mask Singer. He even pointed out that he spent a huge amount of time training for the dance and now he will not have the chance to present it.

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Asking to rejoin the group of Mask Singer, Laurent Maistret thinks he can impress the juries with his interpretation of King of Pop . Already for the preparations for the next prime, Laurent Maistret has spent many hours of training.

Too bad for him, he will not be able to show his audience the fruit of his training. He still wanted to show the viewers , how ready he was for the next prime. In short, he posted a few videos during his training.

Why Laurent Maistret?

Among the candidates for Mask Singer, Laurent Maistret seems to be a challenger who has had charisma. Moreover, he is always thorough in what he undertakes.

He is a good singer. So, we wonder, why was he the one who was eliminated in the previous prime?

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The Mask Singer juries this season, in particular Kev Adams (actor and comedian), Jeff Panacloc and his finger puppet Jean-Marc, comedian Chantal Ladesou and Vitaa (singer and partner of Slimane) therefore judged that the benefit of the knight Laurent Maistret for the evening does not allow him to have a place in the next bonus.

Because, the participant feels angry and disgusted . He would have hoped to arrive at the next stage. But now, the member of the juries decided otherwise.

Mask Singer: The promise of a great show for the next step

As they say so well: a legend does not die, well, it turns out that in the backstage of Mask Singer, the candidates are preparing day and night for the next stage appearance.

They will highlight the songs of the King of Pop. Michael Jackson. He is renowned for his unique voice and incredible choreography. It is therefore a high level challenge for the candidates of Mask Singer.

The contestants will ignite the stage with dancing and songs which are the signature of Michael Jackson. It is therefore a shame for Laurent Maistret to be eliminated before this stage.