Laurent Ruquier apologizes after making huge mistake live

modified: 2023-02-10 12:14:02

Laurent Ruquier made a gigantic blunder by announcing bad information to listeners. He says he feels ashamed.

  Laurent Ruquier: 'J'ai tellement honte" après sa bourde en direct, il présente ses excuses

Laurent Ruquier took the microphone in THE Big heads . Here he apologized evoking shame . Indeed, he mentioned a wrong information the day before about a deceased personality. ' I'm very ashamed ', did he declare. But isn't to err human?

Laurent Ruquier present on RTL in the program of Big heads

Since 2014, Laurent Ruquier has been laying general knowledge questions on RTL in the broadcast of Big Heads. Indeed, he encourages his guests to answer these various questions in the best possible way.

Moreover, Paul El Kharrat has spoken on this subject. Indeed, the former star of 12 noon shots on TF1 made revelations. Thus, he did not hesitate to say, according to him, which of the animators had the most tendency to say bad answers.

By the way, the young man arrived on the show in 2020. And, already, Internet users have grasped that he would never have his tongue in his pocket. Indeed, very quickly, Paul El Kharrat spoke about the amount he received for his interventions in the program. In addition, he mentioned that when he arrived 'it went badly', because of the teasing suffered by a resident.

In short, isn't it inhuman to make mistakes and not always saying the right answers? This is the case of Laurent Ruquier. This Tuesday, February 7, the radio host has leaked bad information to listeners. Something that he will not fail to justify the next day, filled with shame.

Laurent Ruquier's apologies call for clemency

Laurent Ruquier found himself extremely embarrassed after announcing bad information. Actually, he mistakenly thought that Louis Velle's widow, Frédérique Hébrard, was also deceased. More so, he claimed that the widow had died before her husband. In addition, Louis Velle died on February 2, 2023 at the age of 96.

Error that Internet users will not let pass . Laurent Ruquier received a mass of criticism following his assertions. Even if the listeners were right to correct the moderator , he felt a surge of virulent criticism and reproaches. However, Laurent Ruquier does not deplore the reaction of the listeners. On the contrary, he feels terribly ashamed so much so that, if he could, he would hide far away to avoid this humiliation.

“The listeners rightly blamed me. I'm so ashamed, I don't know what to do…”, he began to apologize. But it does not stop there. Laurent Ruquier is overwhelmed with wrong and one could even say that he doesn't need listener criticism to make him feel guilty. In other words, he inflicts enough pain on himself. ' I killed his wife. I said she left before him and in fact, she's still here! » , he exaggerated.

He finds it hard to forgive himself for his mistake.

This time, we cannot say that it is the listeners who are the executioners. In this situation, it would seem that Laurent Ruquier is self-sufficient as an executioner. Concretely, he cannot get past his unfortunate mistake.

Of course, the situation is delicate. But, anyone could have made that mistake. For this reason, he takes the microphone and implores Frédérique Hébrard to accept his flattest apologies. ' I love him so much. We had it on the phone not so long ago Frédérique Hébrard. She has a cute and kind little voice. “, he specified.

Apart from everything, the host is struggling to move on: ' I feel guilty “, he repeated like a litmotiv. Fortunately, the public recognizes the goodness of Laurent Ruquier and knows that he never wanted to cause any harm by making this mistake. Let's hope he comes out of his shame by being kind to himself.

Source : Leisure TV