Laurent Ruquier: 'I despise him' Jean Lassalle does not carry him in his heart...

modified: 2023-02-17 21:25:02

Laurent Ruquier described as 'detestable' and 'despicable' by a famous politician who shoots him with red bullets

  Laurent Ruquier: 'I despise him' Jean Lassalle does not carry him in his heart...

Laurent Ruquier presents different shows for which it is accustomed to receiving politicians. Lately, Jean Lasalle has shown that he does not carry the presenter in his heart. Candidate for the presidential election of 2022, the politician destroyed Laurent Ruquier on the set of At Jordan's on C8.

Laurent Ruquier accustomed to receiving politicians in the programs he presents

Laurent Ruquier has been in the audiovisual industry for decades and he is used to receiving all types of people. Moreover, he also receives many political personalities in the shows he presents.

This is typically what was the case in the time of We are not in bed or of On is live on the second channel. For his broadcasts, Laurent Ruquier can receive politicians who come from the left, right and even from the center. Rest, he received Jean Lassalle, former 2022 presidential candidate.

Nevertheless, Jean Lassalle does not have a very good memory of his meeting with the presenter adored by the French who animate the Big heads see RTL.

Although the French love Laurent Ruquier, some don't. Lately, he has generated controversy because of a mistake he made live. Indeed, the facilitator has inadvertently declared that a person had died when it was not.

Laurent Ruquier still wanted to express his regrets and his shame. But, some find it difficult to let these kinds of errors pass. Anyway, it must be said that he is talking about him. Increasingly, the wise presenter is getting noticed in a bad way.

Jean Lassalle destroyed the presenter At Jordan's

Concretely, he destroyed Laurent Ruquier on February 15, 2023. In fact, Jean Lassalle was passing through the set of At Jordan's. Here, he did not hesitate to say what he thought of Laurent Ruquier. ' He is a hateful and deeply despicable man, and I despise him. “, he let go.

'He invited me five years ago during the election campaign, I had done his show five times (On n'est pas couch, ndlr) and it had always gone very well... And then, I don't don't know what orders he had received… In the presence of my sons, I waited for him until 4 am in the corridors because he had lied. That evening, I did not recognize Ruquier. (…) Ruquier is not known as he deserves to be. I am happy to be able to promote it. He's a tiny little man “, specified Jean Lassalle.

The politician did not stop there. One would think that he had a lot on his heart and that he was just waiting for it to come out. To conclude, Jean Lassalle wanted to address a direct message to Laurent Ruquier.

This time he delivered the message of peace. 'Listen Laurent, let's stop, we don't deserve this, neither of us. You invited me five times and it went very well. You behaved in an undignified way the last two times. We pass the towel and we leave. », at-t-il fini.

For the time being, the host has not expressed anything on this subject. And, as a reminder, John Lassalle feels resentment towards Laurent Ruquier because the presenter would have halved the interview he had granted him.

                                                                                                                                              Source : TV Star