Laurent Smet 'uncomfortable': his unexpected testimony on the international rapper, Eminem!

modified: 2022-09-17 17:00:01

Laura Smet is renowned for being closer to her fans. This time, she confides in rap icon Eminem and how she feels.

  Laura Smet

Laura Smet has always known how to get people talking about her . It must be said that this skill is essential for those who work in the world of showbiz televised. This time, she brings up a completely different subject, no less interesting, and reveals what she feels about rapper Eminem .

Laura Smet: A multi-talented artist

Be the daughter of a famous rock singer and a famous actress provides many advantages . Already a child, Laura Smet was totally involved in the comedy world . The songwriter Jean-Jacques Goldman even borrowed his first name for one of his greatest titles. Having lots of talent , she was noticed by several directors including Olivier Assayas.

Even today, Laura Smet participates fully in the play entitled 'The principle of uncertainty'. A work with Jean Pierre Darroussin which speaks of two totally different people who will experience many adventures together.

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In the world of cinema, Laura Smet already has more than 25 roles to his credit . This testifies to his involvement and his passion for his career. Besides, his collaborators say that she 'juggles between the arts'. We can say that Laura Smet embodies what an artist should be. Recently, she embarked on the short movie .

This project is particularly close to his heart, because it relates the life of his mother Nathalie Baye . His work 'Thomas' is also a nod to his late father Johnny Hallyday, whose disappearance left him an indelible mark on the heart . And that's not all, because Laura Smet is also a great lover of all kinds of music.

Eminem is one of his motivators!

Already mentioned before, Laura Smet is a great music lover . This ranges from current artists to the great classics of contemporary music . The actress also reveals during the interview that: “I am also very into classical music, no doubt because we listen to a lot of Bach in the room! '.

From these words, we can guess that theater gives her many outlets when she wants to relax. But one name in particular touched the public . She declares have a weakness for rapper Eminem.

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In his words: “Right now, I love Eminem, he is the only one who pushes me to surpass myself. Since I was a kid, it fascinates me, it disturbs me, it makes me uncomfortable, it makes me want to go all out.

It must be said that the other renowned rapper and friend of his father Doc Gyneco was of great influence on his musical culture.

The strength of character of Laura Smet

Like any other person, Laura Smet has her share of problems and stress daily . She finds her escape the simple things in life such as nature, cooking or sports.

But his greatest asset is his united family. Although she no longer loves to live in within the capital, she finds peace in a quieter place and far from it.