Laurie Delhostal: 'And happy birthday huh...' her shocking snapshot on Instagram

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Happy birthday Laurie Delhostal! Alas, sick with cancer, the journalist celebrated this happy event at the hospital.

  Laurie Delhostal

For France Info listeners and viewers of the L’Équipe channel, Laurie Delhostal is probably no longer to present . For good reason, the pretty blonde officiates there in particular as a sports journalist. 43 years old, she definitely has everything to be happy , namely a great career and a charming family. Only here, a few months ago, bad news has come to turn everything upside down .

The terrible maladie by Laurie Delhostal

On 28 November 2022, it is a very sad announcement of which Laurie Delhostal informed us. Indeed, on Instagram, the former face of Canal + revealed to have cancer . In a long message, the one followed by more than 20,000 subscribers on the social network wrote in particular:

“Just a month ago I was told: ‘you have cancer’ (…) I discovered MRIs, Pet Scan, the Pac. Plenty of medicine to keep from vomiting. The frozen water polo cap during chemo. (…) I stopped watching TV right away. Not too much want to laugh in it. Afraid that my hair would suddenly fall out during an ad. »

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And to continue:

'Everyone told me 'you're a fighter'. As a result, half of the nursing staff at the Paris hospital saw me cry. »

Although ill, the journalist strives to be self-deprecating . Indeed, according to his words, for the moment, she hasn't 'vomited on anyone' and 'still has all her hair.' »

Of course, following its publication, many netizens supported her . In the comments, these particularly wished him lots of strength and courage . Sweet and comforting words that she no doubt appreciated.

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“Instinctively, I didn’t want to talk about it at all”

Note that initially, she was reluctant to speak publicly about her illness . During an interview for the site, she confided in it. According to his words, revealing his cancer to people was not natural . Adding:

“Instinctively, I didn’t want to talk about it at all. I am rather of a rather modest nature and I also think that it was surprising for some people around me that I talk about it. »

However, after talking about it with people who, precisely, have not done the same, she decided to come out of her silence . For good reason, according to him, confiding in your illness has done a lot of people good . Continuing:

“It was strange. If that can make the subject of cancer less taboo, so much the better! For me, this is not taboo and there is no reason for it to be. »

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It is therefore a long and difficult fight that Laurie Delhostal started a few months ago . Determined to defeat the crab, the forties knows moments of weariness in the face of the many heavy treatments which she must now follow.

Fortunately, to pass the time and think about something else, the one who used to work on Orange Sport now has a method .

“(…) I force myself to repeat lists to occupy my mind,” she said.

A sad birthday

It goes without saying that this period remains very difficult for the journalist . Nevertheless, she can always count on the support of those close to her, including her companion, the rugby player Pierre Rabadan. Converted into a sports adviser to the Paris City Hall, he met his beautiful in 2013 . In love with each other, the lovebirds are the happy parents of a little girl named Anna-Rose .

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On his birthday, which took place on February 24, their company surely did him good . And this, despite the fatigue caused by the treatments. As we said before, it was at the hospital that she celebrated this day like no other .

In his story Instagram , D-day, she notably shared some heartbreaking photos . One of them showed a door leading to the 'Oncology' department. Although his situation is sad, She still tries to keep smiling .

“And happy birthday eh”, she wrote with self-deprecation.

In addition to his companion and his daughter, Laurie Delhostal enjoys the love of its subscribers . For his 43 years, they did not miss wish him a happy birthday . In return, the journalist thanked them.

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“Thank you for all the sweet birthday messages. This support is magic. Even if I feel guilty all the time for not answering all the words, here and elsewhere. Often due to lack of time. »

Wanting to show all his love for his community, the journalist says she reads their words and keeps them like little treasures .

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