Laurie Delhostal: great emotion on the set for her return to Greg's team

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Laurie Delhostal has been suffering from cancer for several months. Recently, the journalist made her comeback on television. The details.

  Laurie Delhostal

This Tuesday, March 7, viewers of the program “L’Équipe de Greg” had a nice surprise . Because, the journalist Laurie Delhostal made his comeback in the program of the channel L'Équipe . A moment full of emotions! As a reminder, she has been fighting the disease for several months. Details in this article.

Laurie Delhostal: her daily life in the face of cancer

For those who don't know her yet, Laurie Delhostal is a journalist . Viewers of the L'Équipe channel necessarily know her. For good reason, the forties is one of the regular consultants of the channel's flagship program It is.

Indeed, it is 'Greg's Team' where she made her return recently. A return that seems to have been prepared in all discretion. You must know that Laurie Delhostal learned of the diagnosis of her cancer several months ago . Or in November 2022.

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If the 43-year-old journalist was absent from the program presented by Grégory Ascher , it was because she had no more time. Indeed, between his chemo sessions and his work at the France Info station, it was not easy.

In any case, despite her absence, the mother of the family kept giving updates . In particular through his Instagram account where the companion of the former rugby player Pierre Rabadan regularly shares with its subscribers its daily life in the face of the disease .

This through writings that she puts in story on Instagram. Thus, we learned that his daily life was often punctuated by long sessions of chemotherapy. However, Laurie Delhostal did not complain about it and did not hesitate to share his little tips to his community.

On the professional side, the journalist still intervenes daily at France Inter. We can therefore say that nothing has really changed apart from his absence from the program “L’Équipe de Greg”. The least we can say, is that his recent return has done him good .

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A return that did a lot of good

The regulars of “L’Équipe de Greg” had an excellent surprise this Tuesday, March 7. That day, Laurie Delhostal made her big comeback after a long time away from the set. To mark the occasion, the host even offered a pretty bouquet of roses to the journalist .

This is to show him all their love. This gesture full of tenderness undoubtedly moved Laurie Delhostal. In all, she seems happy to be able to find her place. Testifies to this the tweet she made on the social network to the blue bird .

“I had missed you,” she said on Twitter , resuming the sequence.

Note that on Instagram, Laurie Delhostal also made a publication to mark the occasion . This is' a selfie of her with former international footballer Ludovic Obraniak. Here is what the mother of a 7-year-old girl wrote:

“My three hairs on the rock and I went back to TV today. »

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Upon publication, The post got quite a few reactions. . Mélissa Theuriau and Alicia Dauby have also each left a comment indicating their enthusiasm to find Laurie Delhostal.

In addition to this post, the 43-year-old journalist did a little debrief in his story . She did not hide her emotion following this return to the show “L’Équipe de Greg”.

'I think I was happy to come back to the job,' she captioned a photo of her on set.

Laurie Delhostal: a happy mother

Her fight against cancer does not prevent Laurie Delhostal from being happy . Indeed, she is the fulfilled mother of a little girl named Anne-Ros. Moreover, the latter celebrated its 7 years this beginning of the year.

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For the occasion, his mother did not fail to send him a tender message on his Instagram account. This in caption a photo of her with the little one when she was still a baby. Here is what she wrote:

' 7 years. My shrimp, my little cat of the woods is 7 years old. 7 years that I wonder how we could succeed so well this mini person, so funny, intelligent and sweet (did I say she was intelligent?) »

Before evoking his fears at the beginning:

“It freaked me out severely, not helped by all those who said “well, enjoy sleeping huh because after that it will be over for all your life”. I didn't want it to change me, I didn't want to become the one who says 'it changed my life'. Alright, I got started. Well it changed my life. »

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