Laury Thilleman very embarrassed: here's why she apologized to Louane!

modified: 2022-09-29 13:32:03

Laury Thilleman's followers are all aware that she is learning the guitar. She decides to interpret I think of you Louane.

  Laury Thilleman

Laury Thilleman, the ex-Miss famous for her beautiful smile, discovers another passion. The music. Indeed, she started to play the guitar. And recently, she had fun on her Instagram account with the interpretation of one of Louane's songs. A recovery that is not yet perfect like his smile.

Did Laury Thilleman feel guilty for her failed entries?

Subscribers of the ex-Miss have certainly seen her debut in music, especially the guitar. Since she shares her daily on social networks.

To self-assess perhaps, she decided to cover the song: I think of you de Louane, one of the juries of The Voice Kids . A recovery that is not quite up to his expectations.

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Full of life and humor as she is, the ex of Juan Arbelaez missed a few entries. False notes a little here, a little there. Indeed, we could see that she was embarrassed and hid it behind a small smile.

And even though, she received a lot of praise from her subscribers , she accepted that she is not yet a great artist. And maybe it was for the misinterpretation that she felt guilty? She took the initiative to apologize to the jury of The  Voice Kids who is none other than the songwriter/composer.

Call for expression of interest

ready to improve, Laury Thilleman calls on a guitar teacher . She recognizes that she still has to learn. She wants to deepen the music. Encouraged by internet users , who recognize that she still has the talent, she will start.

Besides, she already wanted to seek the help of Manon Groux, but for lack of time, she will not be able to provide the lessons of the ex-Miss. However, she is not discouraged.

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We can say that she is thoroughly our Laury Thilleman in this affair . Of course, there is nothing wrong with having multiple passions. And music is one of the most beautiful relaxations you can have.

A great discovery for the followers of Laury Thilleman. They also admitted that she has the potential. With a little work and learning , she will be on top. She will play better on the guitar and will be able to captivate her subscribers with her soft voice.

Laury Thilleman: A humble apology

Laury Thilleman recognizes that he would still need a lot of work to master the guitar. She therefore wanted to make a flat apology to Louane for the failures she may have made, during her interpretation. .

Despite having cut some sequences, some missed entries are still apparent. She perfectly assumes her errors . So as not to upset Louane perhaps, she apologized.

We can also say that the ex-Miss does not only have a beautiful smile. She is truly a unique person with many talents.

Besides, his subscribers confirm it. In any case, we wish him to find a good coach for guitar lessons and we hope to see another performance even better.