Léa Elui admits to having had recourse to cosmetic surgery: her unexpected confidences!

modified: 2022-09-12 14:14:01

Léa Elui participates in the new edition of Dancing with the Stars. Lately, the influencer explains the reason for her cosmetic surgery.

  Lea Elui

Léa Elui is one of the most followed influencers in France. Apparently, the young woman is to be found in the new season of Dancing with the Stars. An opportunity for her to confide in the reason for her decision to resort to plastic surgery .

Léa Elui: A complex has been worrying her since childhood!

For internet users, Léa Elui is no longer to be presented . For good reason, the influencer is very followed on social networks. And this, whether on his Youtube channel , on his account TikTok or even on his Instagram account.

Lately, the young woman has especially made herself known with his participation in the new edition of Dance with the stars . However, another subject concerning her has generated a lot of comments on his videos.

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Apparently a complex has always preoccupied Léa Elui. Particularly, on his nose. Moreover, it is about this that she confided in Madame Figaro in 2019.

From what she explained, the influencer wanted to resort to cosmetic surgery to get rid of this great complex . However, because of the ideas she defends, she did not have the strength to do so. As she said 'I'm not perfect...but I am me'.

The influencer had to resort to a second intervention!

Finally, a year after this interview , Léa Elui succumbed to the call of the scalpel . Moreover, the famous influencer did not hesitate to explain the reason for her decision with her subscribers. Through its Youtube channel in April 2022, the young woman confessed everything .

'I had my nose done two years ago,' she said candidly. Apparently, what compelled him was the bosse that's on his nose.

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If Léa Elui made this video, it is because she is going to new resort to surgery aesthetic . Apparently, the young woman was not satisfied with her first intervention.

The surgeon who operated on him still left a small bump on his nose. An omission that the influencer finds it difficult to accept since her complex still persists. From what she explained, it took her some time to notice this oversight.

Léa Elui: Why confide in her intervention?

Very close to its subscribers, Léa Elui always strives to tell them the truth . Moreover, this is what she shows in sharing all the procedures she followed to remove her complexes.

'It's very important to me...that you know I had surgery,' she said. Which she went on to 'let you know I'm not perfect'. To prove his honesty , she even revealed a video of her after the operation.

Obviously, it was not easy for Léa Elui to confide in about what she did. From what she said, she doesn't want to be seen as 'the girl who promotes the surgery '. And this, while emphasizing that she does not want to be an example for her subscribers .

As she explained, it is because of her work which depends on her image that she made this decision. An admirable and very rare honesty on the part of the influencer.