LeBonCoin: beware of this terrible scam that can rob you!

modified: 2022-09-30 18:42:06

While the purchasing power of the French is weakening, a new scam is rampant on LeBonCoin and threatens to empty their accounts.

  The good corner

LeBonCoin is one of the most famous French sites. When the sale of second-hand items is a great success, it can be very useful. In fact, many people have been using it for years to lodge or to furnish . But lately, some dishonest practices are taking place on this platform . We tell you all about the dreaded scam which is currently taking place on The good corner !

LeBonCoin: a site that had won the trust of the French

Established in 2006, resale site had been a huge success. Indeed, LeBonCoin allows you to sell items that no longer serve you to earn money . On the other hand, it can also serve you a lot if you need anything. Thus, when moving, some do not hesitate to consult ads on LeBonCoin !

Among many categories , Internet users have the opportunity to make beautiful business ! But over time, users have also appreciated the reliability of the site ! Indeed, the services offered by the company have never stopped improving. LeBonCoin had the image of a serious company . The site’s offices are also well-established, right in the center of Paris.

But lately, several people have been scammed on the site . While they thought they were protected against this kind of incident, some internet users are furious . For LeBonCoin, this is a big blow, because these scams tarnish its reputation… But how do you go about it? these scammers who operate online ?

The company claims to do its best to stop the scams

Faced with this bad buzz, LeBonCoin took things very seriously . At first, the company assured that it was not at the origin of these dishonest maneuvers. Despite the security implemented on the site , it seems that smart guys have managed to infiltrate it.

For now, the administrators of LeBonCoin announced that they are collaborating with the Signal-Arnaques website . Indeed, the company suspects an action carried out by hackers. The latter would pretend to be fake sellers or fake buyers to extort personal data .

Thus, among the victims, many report that their interlocutor asked them to pay, outside the secure system in place on LeBonCoin. By continuing the exchanges by SMS, Internet users revealed sensitive information without asking any questions.

With the help of Signal-Scams , LeBonCoin began to investigate. The technique used? Trap the scammers by playing the ignorant. Thus, the company wants to know the method that allows them to carry out their scam .

For the site, the challenge remains above all its credibility and his reputation ! Indeed, because of the latest incidents, many people could turn away from the platform . So LeBonCoin does everything in its power to demonstrate that the scam does not come from its teams. Hopefully the company can quickly shed light on these security issues ! These days, the French do not need to suffer this kind of thing. Especially on this site, designed to help them do good business legally !

source: foozine.com