LeBonCoin: these 3 infallible tips for making good purchases and saving money easily!

modified: 2022-09-27 14:09:01

Here's how to save money by shopping on the online sales site, Leboncoin! The details !

  The good corner

In France, you can find several shopping sites specializing in the sale of items online! To name a few, Vinted and Leboncoin are the ones that offer the best plans. Regarding the latter, it is a platform in which you can find free classified ads! Bringing together different categories of sectors, know that you can save money by making your purchases intelligently! Then discover without further delay these infallible tips in the following paragraphs!

Leboncoin: The favorite online sales platform of the French!

Leboncoin certainly needs no introduction! This is the classifieds site that makes the greatest happiness of French consumers. In terms of numbers, know that this platform registers nearly 29 million visitors per month.

Moreover, this great success is mainly due to the several categories of offers it offers! In other words, you can find absolutely everything you need there!

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Shopping on 'Leboncoin' has become a routine for most French people. And this, whether they are looking for toys or household appliances! The site helps to facilitate the daily life of its customers.

In addition, the site happens to be aware of the decline in purchasing power caused by inflation. That is why the brand is putting together various offers that should definitely catch the attention of people who are looking for bargains !

The best times to shop!

If you plan to make purchases on Leboncoin, think about doing it intelligently ! Not all times are good for doing business.

As far as sales are concerned, the biggest spike apparently takes place two or three weeks after Christmas! Users tend to list party-related products during this time. In addition, the price of the items is much less exorbitant!

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And if you are looking for good business when it comes to hardware, consider making your purchase during spring cleaning! During this season, many students have to leave their accommodation.

Which implies the fact that they want to get rid of their business ! It is therefore the ideal period to find little wonders which will certainly be useful to you one of these days!

Leboncoin: These little-known techniques that can save you money!

It is also necessary to search intelligently when you are looking for a “specific” product on Leboncoin! It would be ideal to add key words 'precise and relevant' in your search.

Also remember to do several tests and refresh the page. This allows you to discover other ads that talk about the same product, but offer different prices!

But who said what to do with negotiation is impossible on Leboncoin? Note that the site has indications that allow you to ask for a discount . When the product has a functional or physical defect, it is your right to negotiate on the price!

Furthermore, it is also possible to make savings by making a cash payment the same day of your purchase! Apparently, this gets you a “10-20%” discount!

source: foozine.com