Leboncoin: thirty people victims of a scam, 80,000 euros in damage

modified: 2023-02-03 22:03:02

Thirty victims defrauded and 80,000 euros in the pocket for the culprit. He had put imaginary cars up for sale on Leboncoin.

  Leboncoin: about thirty people victims of'une escroquerie, 80 000 euros de préjudice

The financial brigade arrested an individual who led a scam carnivalesque on the coveted platform: The good corner. We have opened an investigation into the city of Lille. In reality, he had collected no less than 80,000 euros thanks to his manipulations.

Source : Actu.fr

The individual lied to the buyers: he was not a mechanic, he was a simple scammer

The scammer who was arrested always proceeded in the same way. Indeed, thanks to the platform The good corner, he was creating false advertisements for the sale of vehicles. Following this, the interested parties contacted him to proceed with the purchase of the car in question. To give credit to his ads, the individual invented a profession as a mechanic and those concerned felt confident.

Unfortunately, they never saw the cars arrive. The victims paid a deposit with complete peace of mind. Above all, after paying the money, they no longer received any news. In reality , this proves how cunning and devastating scams can be for those affected. Unfortunately, the individual was very clever in his approach, he sent the money to a bank account other than his. Therefore, to assess the extent of his manipulation, it was discovered that this bank account was specially created for scams.

In total, no less than thirty victims suffered the damage of this scammer on Leboncoin. As a result, they lost money and never saw the color of the car they had ambitions to buy. Legitimately, they are all claiming full reimbursement and damages for what they have suffered .

Unfortunately for him, are business will end on January 25 after an arrest by the financial brigade.

Arrested individual faces heavy penalties

After having scammed victims of €80,000 and after being caught red-handed, he risks lourdes combs . Consequently, he will have to explain himself next May and he faces criminal proceedings for fraud. If we condemn him, we can inflict a prison sentence or a simple fine. Obviously, his access to the Leboncoin platform in question will be banned and he will be prohibited from continuing to exercise his right of sale.

It is not possible to know precisely the length of the prison sentence he faces. Concretely, it depends on the degree of seriousness of his fraud. Regarding the fine, it is based on the astronomical amount of the loss suffered by the victims. Moreover, we also question his level of guilt . Certainly, the decision that will be made should be heavily influenced by this.

What is certain is that the scams carried out on this kind of platform like Leboncoin are often more severe than the others since they can affect a greater number of victims and the losses can be more substantial. Effectively, the ease of use of platforms of this type is a real treat for those who want to scam . In other words, it quickly becomes a nightmare for the victims who experience their abuse. For these reasons, last year, warnings about the continued growth in the number of online scams The good corner . Tips for unmasking scammers were circulating to avoid being fooled.

Unfortunately, this one fell through the cracks.

Source : Lille News

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