Leclerc: langoustines massively recalled before the holidays

modified: 2022-12-23 23:01:02

Langoustines, sold in trays at Leclerc, are currently the subject of a product recall in France. We tell you everything!

  Leclerc: langoustines massively recalled before the holidays

There are many product recalls at the moment in France. Whether contaminated products, with the presence of foreign bodies or with a labeling error. Fortunately, a government site is used to warn the French. In effect, the Rappel Conso site allows you to find all the recalled products. A new recall was recently launched by Rappel Conso. This recall concerns cooked langoustines of the Premier brand, and sold in trays at Leclerc. The government site then asks the French to be careful and check if they bought these langoustines. In this case, it is necessary to return them to the store as soon as possible. And this, in order to benefit from a refund. We'll explaine everything here !

The purpose of Conso Reminder

Products sold on the shelves of French supermarkets must must meet the country's standards. Indeed, whether it is a cosmetic, food or even hygienic product, there are rules to respect. Therefore, if a product does not meet the country's standards, they are therefore subject to a product recall. You can find all these products listed on the government website Rappel Conso. When a product proves to be dangerous for use or consumption, there are procedures to follow . If you own one of the recalled products, then you can return it to the store. And this, in order to benefit from a refund. Don't risk your health! If a product is recalled, remember to throw it away or bring it back to the point of sale. A new recall in Leclerc stores has recently been launched.

The government site, Rappel Conso, aims to list a large part of the finished products that do not follow the country's standards. All the products mentioned do not follow the standards of the country. And this, whether in terms of hygiene, food, cosmetics or other. So think, from time to time, go to the Rappel Conso website. And this, in order to see if you own one of the products recently cited. As explained, on Wednesday, December 21, Rappel Conso launched a new alert. Premier brand cooked langoustines, sold in trays at Leclerc. We'll explaine everything here !

Langoustines sold at Leclerc

Reminder Conso has recently launched a new alert on a key product for the holiday season . Indeed, if you bought cooked langoustines for your family meal at the end of the year. So be sure to check that they are not among the recalled products. These cooked langoustines, from the Premier brand, have been the subject of a product recall since December 21. And this, due to a labeling error . Indeed, some allergenic substances and sulphites were missing from the product label. It is therefore strongly recommended not to consume them.

The langoustines cooked in the trays concerned carry the barcode 8712671899921 . Then, more specifically, the langoustines from lot 235351. Sold at Leclerc, be aware that this product has an expiry date (DLC) by 26/12/2022 . Because of this labeling error, it is recommended not to consume the product. If you have these langoustines, think about throwing them away or bringing them back to the store. And this, for receive a refund from Leclerc's part.

Several Leclerc in several departments concerned

It would seem that only part of the territory is affected by this product recall. Indeed, sold in various Leclerc of the territory, these langoustines must be brought back as soon as possible. According to the government site Rappel Conso, these langoustines were sold out Wednesday, December 21. And this, in six French departments. Marne, Pas-de-Calais, Rhône, Seine-et-Marne, Somme and Hauts-de-Seine.

Remember to check your fridge. If you have purchased Premier brand cooked langoustines, sold in trays at Leclerc, don't eat them at all. For French people who have purchased these products, you have until January 4, 2023 to receive a refund by returning them to the Leclerc store.

Source : 20 Minutes