Leclerc: these 3 best bottles to buy during the 2022 Wine Fair, according to an expert sommelier!

modified: 2022-09-12 18:07:01

The Leclerc wine fair has already started. To help you in your choice, here are the selections of an expert sommelier.


To the delight of wine lovers, the Leclerc wine fairs have resumed. An opportunity for oenologists to discover these 300 cuvées that the event offers. Among them, an expert sommelier has made his selections and reveals his top 3.

Leclerc: The traditional wine fairs are back!

These are the days that oenologists should not miss at all costs. A great event of discoveries, but also of passions. Obviously, we are talking here about traditional wine fairs.

This year, the amateurs of wine have made an appointment in the signs of the large distribution and certain wine merchants. Among them, there is surely the Leclerc cellar. For several years, the giant's cellar has always been a reference .

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Indeed, Leclerc is not only known for the quality of its wines, but also for its low prices. Moreover, it is the big name that is the precursor of these fairs. wines since 1973.

Apparently, the brand has always kept its reputation through time and until now. For this year, the big event has already started on the Internet since September 5, 2022. And it will continue in stores from October 4 .

The particularities of this wine fair

Like every year, the Leclerc wine fair is an opportunity to discover different types of wine. For this new edition, there will be 300 wines reds, whites and rosés on the menu.

Of course, these are all offered at price attractive during the event. Coming from all the major wine regions of France, it is not the quality that will be lacking. We can talk about Alsace, Beaujolais, Bordeaux, Burgundy or even Languedoc-Roussillon.

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In this news editing of the Leclerc wine fair, champagnes will also be on offer. The latter are apparently signed Canard-Duchêne or Marie Stuart. Moreover, this great event will be above all exceptional, compared to everything we have seen so far.

Indeed, the bottles that will be offered have been sorted by experts from the brand and Andreas Larsson . It should be noted that the latter is the best sommelier in the world in 2007.

Leclerc: Expert sommelier selections

Obviously, with these offers, it will be difficult to know which is the best bottle. This is why Today in France has had recourse to the advice of the sommelier-expert Frederic General .

For these Leclerc fairs, l’expert chose 20 nuggets. As he said in the daily, the best is to buy a single bottle to start with. And to add 'if you please, go back and buy a box'.

Thus, among the selections of Frédéric Sénéchal, there are these three cuvées at Leclerc that he recommended . First, that of domaine jo python , in the Savennières appellation. Apparently the reason is the quality, but also the price which is 10.95€.

As a white wine, he preferred that of the senses, Les Eclaireurs and Vin de France at a price of €4.70. And for the orange wine, it is that of Gros Manseng, Orange Wine for the Curious, Vin de France, 2021 which costs 8€.