'Les 12 coups de midi' denies disabled boy access to set

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On December 21, 2022, in the Voix du Nord, a family recounted the misadventure they experienced in the program 'Les 12 coups de midi'.

  'Les 12 coups de midi' refuses access to a disabled boy on the set

For a few days, this case spill a lot of ink . A family has accused the famous program 'Les 12 coups de midi' of denied their disabled child the entrance to the set with his armchair. On December 21, 2022 then, the family of Jérémy Fradin decided to testify about what happened in the columns of 'La Voix du Nord'. The details.

“Les 12 coups de midi”: accused of discrimination

A candidate, Fanny Fradin, was selected to face champion Stéphane in 'The 12 strokes of noon'. As promised then, she went to the film set of La Plaine Saint-Denis. The young lady was excited to have to participate in the TF1 game .

That's not all ! If Fanny Fradin showed up for the shoot, it was also for please his brother Jérémy, motor handicapped .

“The whole family has been watching the show almost every day for years. I applied several times to be able to take Jérémy there and show him how it goes on a TV set, ”she said in La Voix du Nord, Wednesday, December 21.

Alas, not everything went as planned. Jérémy, accompanied by his father François, was denied public access from the program “Les 12 coups de midi”. Family said she was 'disgusted' . Usually, the managers are very welcoming towards the families of the candidates. But this time, the family of Jérémy Fradin gets stuck off the board with their disabled son.

“I was ready not to go shoot the show”

Jeremy's mother explains that the production made no effort when she tried to explain that the young man could walk .

'They came across a person who didn't want to hear anything when they told him that Jérémy was able to walk and that my husband, a firefighter, could be there in the event of an emergency,' she said.

She added that they then went to the dressing rooms with Jérémy's father to find Fanny Fradin . They told everything to the latter and the candidate was ready to drop everything .

“I saw them arrive with red, angry eyes. They explained everything to me and I was ready not to go shoot the show, ”she said.

'The 12 noon shots': the production apologized

Ultimately, one of the team members who saw that Jeremy could move led them to the set. But even if Jérémy finally took his place, the family was still shocked by what happened .

'It's symbolic of a lack of consideration for people with disabilities in France,' said the mother.

As for Fanny, she made a point of specifying:

'It's really not a show where you would have thought to live that, it advocates a tolerance that we have not seen. »

The production of the program 'Les 12 coups de midi' decided to react after the testimony of the family . According to this, if Jérémy was refused on the set it was because it was not possible to install it sans, car, in cas d'incendie, this would represent a risk for the evacuation .

Jérémy had explained that he could walk, the staff did not accept . It was a great sadness for his family. Shortly after this misadventure , the production has apologized with the family, assuring that, since the trays had been renovated in 2020 'no place for wheelchairs has been provided'.

From now on, the production of the game “Les 12 coups de midi” a promis de faire des modifications .

A technical error

Certainly, in recent weeks, the famous game 'The 12 strokes of noon' experienced various new situations . Indeed, before this controversy, Internet users have noted a major anomaly concerning the mysterious star .

On December 02, 2022, the screen still showed 41 boxes to discover . However, the next day, two of its boxes flew away. If no one on set noticed this detail, Internet users have indeed noticed it .

Many are those who challenged Jean-Luc Reichmann as well as the production of TF1. But there was no reaction. In any case, this situation favored Stéphane .

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