Les 12 coups de midi: 'I missed my life a bit' Stéphane confides in the show

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Stéphane has a string of victories in the 12 noon shots. Recently, he made some big revelations about his personal journey.

  The 12 strokes of noon:"J’ai un peu raté ma vie" Stéphane se confie dans l’émission

For years, I posted about TF1 remains faithful to the game show les 12 coups de midi. Presented by Jean-Luc Reichmann , this program allows candidates to stand out by demonstrating their general culture. Every day, new kids try to dethrone the Master of noon . However, since August 2022 , Stéphane, the champion of the show , retained his title. Indeed, he connects the master strokes and his kitty keeps growing . That said, this father also spoke about his educational and professional background. We will explain everything to you.

This worker has changed his life since his arrival in the 12 strokes of noon

Before triumphing in this show , Stéphane led a simple life in eastern France . Usually, he works as a foundry worker in the metallurgy. And he lives with his wife and two teenage sons. To manage to pass within 12 strokes of noon, he had to train and pass selections in several cities .

This week, on the set, he wanted to wish a happy birthday to his son. Stéphane took advantage of this moment to look back on what he has been through in recent months within 12 strokes of noon. 'It's a new life that begins, a new notoriety, a completely different new life...'

Indeed, the midday master was not necessarily able to follow major studies in his youth. Yet he always loved to learn new things . And with a more brilliant academic course, he could probably have had another job. “I tell myself that it’s a great job that I do, but I also tell myself that I missed my life a little because if I had worked a little more at school. »

After more than 141 wins in the 12 noon shots , Stéphane remains proud of his job in metallurgy. » But I love my job, I love what I do, but maybe I could have avoided doing this job. »

The master of Midi shares his philosophy of life

To achieve such performance on the show , this father explains that he has always tried to push his limits. And of don't settle for less . “You have to tell yourself that every day is a new challenge, to always go further and evolve in life. Not to stay like me, I did, to live on what I had learned and to struggle a little throughout my life. »

And he didn't wait pass within 12 strokes of noon to have such a mentality. Thereby, Jean-Luc Reichmann was able to meet Stéphane's employer . And the latter is full of praise for this model worker. He told me that you had your personality, but that you were a person of integrity and very hardworking and who represented the French workers. He was very very proud of you, I wanted to make it clear! »

Despite the criticisms, Stéphane has reason to be proud of his career . Nevertheless, for a few days, a rumor claims that he should soon leave the 12 noon shots. For now, s his defeat has not yet been broadcast on TF1 .

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