Les 12 Coups de midi: Stéphane very moved after having won “five years of salary”, he touches the Web!

modified: 2022-09-17 14:06:01

In Les 12 coups de midi, Stéphane was rewarded with a big prize after his many victories! Great emotion on set!

  The 12 strokes of noon

Stéphane continues his adventure in the television program les 12 coups de midi! And after his efforts to rack up his many winnings, his hard work paid off ! We tell you everything in this edition!

The 12 strokes of noon: Who is Stéphane?

Stéphane was qualified as being the champion of The 12 strokes of noon! He chained victories in victories in the program! This man has become the midday master of Jean-Luc Reichmann's program .

It started in August 2022 and now it is up to his twentieth appearance in the game daily of the TF1 channel. At this very moment, he has already collected 79,024 euros in winnings by beating 19 candidates from the show.

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Stephane is a participant within 12 strokes of noon! He is 50 years old and family father, with two adorable boys. Husband of Delphine, he lives in Haute-Marne and works as a hand moulder. From now on Master noon by Jean-Luc Reichmann, we noticed that his efforts disproportionate were rewarded.

Indeed, during the last broadcast of the program, it acquired its merits! He pocketed a huge sum that could only make him smile!

Stéphane took away five years of salary!

As we have seen before, Stéphane is considered the King of the 12 noon shots! He continues his adventure in Jean-Luc Reichmann's program and obviously, the latter has no intention to give up his place as Master of the show!

Since he started, Stéphane has never been defeated by other candidates ! Moreover, thanks to his victories, ses gains have not stopped growing! A rather considerable gift which upset him.

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Stephane, the Master of the 12 strokes of noon , finds it hard to believe in the upheaval of his life! Very moved, he compared his big kitty to his salary as an employee. He can't come back!

The latter pointed out that his winnings, which amounted to approximately €90,000, are similar to five years salary as a worker. It's on another emission television that he confided in on the subject!

Les 12 coups de midi: His projects with this priceless reward!

On Wednesday, September 7, the king of 12 noon shots was invited in another television program! Stéphane who is still very happy confided in his huge jackpot !

The latter explained that after his victory, he bought in advance a house, then a car. And he also plans to help his children for their studies. Stéphane is also aware that this prize will be of great help to him for the next 3 years!

In the 12 noon shots, Stéphane appeared alongside Jean-Luc Reichmann. The contestant shared that after his reward , he stopped drinking wine and now prefers beer!

The participant added that in this moment he has turned a little more to the activities sports , specifically the bike. In conclusion, life can reserve us a big surprise , whether good or bad. Just try to live fully, but with conscience!