Lidl: a blackhead vacuum cleaner sold by the brand for less than 15 euros

modified: 2022-12-20 20:39:02

As Christmas approaches, Lidl has decided to offer a facial vacuum cleaner, perfect for blackheads for less than 15 €.

  Lidl: a blackhead vacuum cleaner sold by the brand for less than 15 euros

The Christmas period is fast approaching. The gifts bought, the tree decorated, the families ready for the meal. However, you may have two or three more little things to buy . If you find yourself lacking ideas, know that Lidl has a gift for you. For make-up and beauty enthusiasts, the German brand offers an enticing novelty. Indeed, a new beauty device has just arrived on the Lidl shelves throughout France. A blackhead vacuum cleaner for less than 15 euros . A device that will please people who love facial hygiene, skin care or simply beauty. We'll explaine everything here !

The approach of the end of year celebrations

As you know, the holiday season is fast approaching. For many, this time of year is synonymous with gifts. Whether it's for friends, family or colleagues, it can be difficult to come up with ideas. Only a few days left to finalize Christmas gift purchases. After shopping, it can become difficult to come up with good ideas. Lack of inspiration can happen to many people. There are many brands, many brands that offer products throughout the year. However, as Christmas approaches, they do their best to offer novelties that will catch the eye of buyers. Among these brands, we find Lidl.

The German brand, Lidl, recently put on sale a selection of products that would make perfect Christmas gifts. With Christmas just a few days away, some French people are looking for “last minute gifts”. On the shelves of Lidl, you can therefore find perfect ideas for your family, loved ones or other important people in your life. Whether it's an ice cube maker, a sandwich maker, a heating pad, or even a set of modeling clay... The big name Lidl has tried to think of everything. Thereby, for beauty and facial care enthusiasts , so you will find a face vacuum cleaner to remove blackheads.

Lidl: A blackhead vacuum cleaner at €14.99

Lidl has put a new product on sale on the shelves of their stores. In effect, beauty enthusiasts will love this product. Since December 19 in the morning, a beauty device, which many people dream of trying, has been on the shelves. It is therefore a question of a blackhead vacuum cleaner . If you lack inspiration for the latest Christmas gifts, this product might tempt you. It must be said that many influencers have advertised this type of device. However, reality stars are trying to sell this product at colossal prices. Fortunately, Lidl beats all the competition with their unbeatable price. It sells on the shelves of the store at only 14.99 euros.

The product, from the brand Maxxmee , therefore can be found on the shelves of Lidl at a low price, only 14.99 euros. The blackhead vacuum cleaner is an ideal device to clean the pores of the skin deeply. This model has three different intensity levels. And this, in order to choose intensity according to different skin types. The vacuum cleaner is also sold with six different tips to treat each area of ​​the face. Know that there is also an LED display. This display allows a much better control of the device, and above all a more serene use.

Please note, the precautions to be taken

However, you should be careful! Indeed, all devices of this type have rules of use. The precautions remain mainly for the skin of the user. The purpose of the Lidl vacuum cleaner is to clean the pores of the skin in depth. Nevertheless, the intensity can sometimes cause bruises . Moreover, it cannot be used too often. The recommendation remains once a month. And this, in order to avoid attacking the skin too often.

Source : Marie-France