Lidl hits hard with these many accessories to pamper your animals, at less than 7€!

modified: 2022-09-30 17:21:02

Having become one of the favorite stores of the French, Lidl always knows how to surprise them with useful and affordable items.


The French have the choice between several brands when it comes to doing their courses . Some are interested in the Wine Fair of Leclerc or the wide choice that can be found at Auchan . But a German brand has been able to impose itself in recent years. Thereby, Lidl seduces by offering the necessary at a low price . But in its rays, some offers don't last . And it is through these temporary items that Lidl stores make everyone happy...

Lidl's catalog gets a new look every week

These discount supermarkets began to conquer France almost 30 years ago. Since then, Lidl has convinced millions of French people! The recipe for this success ? Of the articles classics, major brands or from the brand's ranges. But beyond the common products that can be found everywhere, the chain is distinguished by new and changing arrivals .

Thus, until October 4, Lidl offers DIY appliances from the Parkside range . The most manual will therefore be able equip themselves with compressors or jacks for their cars . At the same time, the sign thought of those who fear the cold. Also, pajamas and cotton sheets are available on the shelves, at low prices.

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But for the week from October 5 to 10, these articles will be replaced by other good plans. In the program ? Of the kitchen utensils, appliances for hygiene … But also, many objects that will serve customers who are fans of pets .

Take care of your hairball with these exclusive offers

The coming days, Lidl will therefore put animals in the spotlight ! Good news for anyone who has dogs or cats in their household. And the sign did not do things by halves! For offer a pasha life to our little companions : cat trees, but also transport boxes or games…

Many very useful articles will thus find themselves in the rays Lidl stores. For those who want their favorite animal to look good, there will be everything you need. For 3.99 euros, you can therefore buy a complete grooming set , ideal for our animal friends. Still on hygiene, Lidl will offer animal-friendly clippers Or even litter boxes.

But the brand has also thought about the happiness of our pets. Thus, customers can find dog toys from the Nerf dog brand. Sold at 6.99 euros, these items will delight your 4-legged friends!

Finally, Lidl has not forgotten the essentials! To this end, the stores of the chain will offer bowls to delight your dogs and cats . On the comfort side, several types of carpets and baskets will be part of the good plans of the week. Your animals will be able to enjoy a more cozy daily life !

To never miss again promotions and news of this taught , you can install Lidl Plus. This application, launched recently, will also allow you to obtain cash discounts . We should also remember that Lidl supports the purchasing power of its customers . Thus, for all your purchases over 50 euros, the application allows you to have a 5% discount. The offer works once a month. However, on a caddy filled with courses , it can make a big difference!