Lidl smart home: the brand unveils new products for the arrival of the sales

modified: 2023-01-11 23:37:02

Lidl launched into the sale of home automation in 2021 by baptizing its catalog Lidl Smart Home. For the sales, there will be reductions.

  Lidl smart home: the brand unveils new products for the arrival of the sales

Winter sales begin from Thursday 12 January at Lidl. Throughout the event, some products will get 20% off . Among the catalogs offered, we can notably mention Lidl Smart Home . All the details in this article.

What is Lidl Smart Home?

Lidl Smart Home is the name of a catalog offered by the German brand. This home automation offer includes connected objects at discounted prices . True to itself, the brand offers unbeatable prices. It must be remembered that this will of Lidl dates back to January 2021 .

At the time, the brand wanted to get into home automation in France . Putting its plans into action, on February 1 of the same year, Lidl launched Lidl Smart Home on the market. Thereby, nearly 1,550 brand stores distributed throughout France have a Smart Home space .

According to Mehdi Houari, Head of Non Food Purchasing at Lidl:

“Specifications have been drawn up and a team has been dedicated to this project in order to respond to the various issues. »

Besides France, it should be noted that Lidl offers its products in Germany , Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal and Spain. This is also not the first time that the number one discount sells connected objects .

“For years, at Lidl, we have offered ranges of connected products (Monsieur Cuisine Connect, Health for you, connected watch, Bluetooth headset, speaker, etc.). These articles have been a huge success. This is why we naturally took the path of home automation, ”says Mehdi Houari.

The catalog of Lidl Smart Home products in France

The home automation offer, i.e. Lidl Smart Home, from the original German brand , includes 7 home automation products . To know :

  • A home automation gateway at 19.99 euros
  • A plug connected to 11.99 euros
  • An LED bulb at 8.99 euros
  • An RGB LED bulb at 9.99 euros (on sale at 7.99 euros)
  • A 19 watt LED light strip to be fixed at 18.99 euros
  • A 148 cm high connected LED floor lamp at 39.99 euros
  • A motion detector at 12.99 euros

Note: to control these connected objects, you have to buy the Lidl box that can connect to Wi-Fi. You have to buy it at the friendly price of 19.99 euros .

Which is 6 times cheaper than Leroy Merlin's Enki box sold at 119 euros. With a range of 70 meters, the equipment has USB-C, Ethernet and RJ45 ports . As for home automation objects, they use the Zigbee 3.0 wireless protocol.

Lidl Smart Home: how does it work?

To be able to use Lidl Smart Home, you must first download the Lidl Home application . You can use your smartphone or tablet to synchronize with connected objects .

Free, the app is available on both iOS and Android . By installing it, you can then remotely control home automation objects. Therefore, you can program scenarios, change the color of the LEDs, etc. .

Here is the 3 main tabs of the Lidl Home application :

  • Home: this tab allows you to list the connected objects installed .
  • Control: this tab allows you to program actions.
  • Me: this tab allows you to see the user profile and trigger voice control on connected objects.

If for some reason you do not want to install the Lidl Home app . In this case, you can use the remote control that is with the box. By using it, you can change up to 25 different lights .

Lidl Smart Home and voice assistance

To control its home automation products from the Lidl Smart Home range, Lidl offers three ways to choose from :

  • L’application Lidl Home
  • The remote control
  • voice command

Among the voice aids, we can cite in particular :

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of the most famous voice assistants in the world. As the name suggests, it is an application from Google. For provide voice control of your devices s, Lidl has teamed up with the American giant. So, with Google Assistant, it is possible to easily control by voice Lidl Smart Home .


Less known than Google Assistant, Alexa is Amazon's voice assistant . Although the application is practical, for the time being, Lidl has not announced a possible collaboration. To put it simply, to date, Lidl Smart Home is not compatible with Alexa . Only the partnership with Google Assistant exists.

Source : Journal dunet