Lidl: the brand is launching a new range of gourmet desserts

modified: 2023-01-19 13:35:02

Lidl has unveiled a new selection of original desserts at low prices. Delight your guests with these exceptional desserts for the Chinese New Year.

  Lidl: the brand is launching a new range of gourmet desserts

New very gourmet desserts are coming at Lidl. During these sales periods, Lidl offers products at low prices to impress young and old. It's perfect if you want to please by saving money . There is for all tastes: fruit, chocolate, vanilla ,… with comforting or exotic flavours. Discover them in this article.

A vegetable dessert with coconut milk and fruit

This vegetable dessert is perfect if you are on a strict diet without animal milk. Coconut milk brings roundness and indulgence. The fruits, on the other hand, offer a sweet touch with the freshness of lemon or strawberry .

This exotic blend can end a meal in style . That will suit the palate of your guests very well . It sells at a mini price at Lidl.

The vegetable dessert sells at 1.28 euro instead of 1.83 euro . It is therefore a discount of 0.55 euros. 30% of the price is offered to you if you buy a second product , with the flavor of your choice.

Lidl frozen mochi

Frozen mochis come from Asia. This incredible softness of a beautiful texture become popular on social media .

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By going to Lidl, you will discover why everyone is talking about it. He comes in 4 gourmet flavors : with chocolate, coconut, mango and vanilla. So there is something for everyone.

As a snack or at the end of a meal, these iced mochis from the Vitasia brand offer a nice touch of originality . If you haven't tasted it yet, now is the time. since it is just sold at 3.69 euros in Lidl stores . A gourmet trip guaranteed!

frozen fruit

How not to fall for this frozen delight from Lidl? Although it is still a bit cold, savoring these frozen fruits always does a lot of good sometimes. Its taste is reminiscent of summer, sun and the beach.

Find the good taste of oranges or, as desired, coconut. His taste will take you to the tropics . It is sold by 4 at the price of 4.89 euros. Delight young and old with this good frozen product . It therefore keeps for a long time in the fridge.

Asian ice cream box

This gourmet box from Asia is new to Lidl. He is made for you if you like original combinations of tastes .

Discover in a magic box 4 unrivaled flavors of Asian desserts , with :

  • The surprising aroma of matcha green tea,
  • The subtlety of Sakura,
  • The delicacy of black sesame,
  • L'exquisite de la mangue gingembre.

This is the perfect dessert for impress your guests for the chinese new year s of this Sunday, January 22, 2023. You find in this box the universe of Asian festivals for special occasions.

At only 3.99 euros per 245 g, you won't find it cheaper than at Lidl . This quality frozen product will provide the beautiful colors of Asia on your table for an unforgettable experience.

Almondy Pie: Daim and Toblerone

This Almondy pie dessert made from almonds will surely catch your eye during your visit to Lidl . It is almost impossible not to succumb to the good caramel taste of Daim. But if you can opt for the Toblerone version which is very successful at the moment .

The smoothness of this dessert will earn you points at the end of the meal, by your guests. You will find the crunchiness of the almond and a beautiful cream. You risk becoming addicted . These two gourmet sweets yet sell for only 3.99 euros at Lidl for 450 g.

Lidl rum raisin ice cream

It is unthinkable to finish this selection without mention Erhard's rum raisin ice cream at Lidl . One thing is certain, gourmets will be even more delighted by this good creamy ice cream.

It contains an aroma of Saint James rum and contains good sweet grapes . It is a product not to be missed and that you can buy at only 2.49 euros, the 280 g.

Even if it is cold, it is important to vary the pleasures by sometimes tasting a good frozen dessert. Do not wait any longer and go taste this rum raisin ice cream at Lidl .

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