Lidl: the brand offers 3 kitchen appliances during the sales

modified: 2023-01-17 13:27:02

Prices have never been so low since Wednesday. For the winter sales, Lidl offers 3 revolutionary kitchen appliances.

  Lidl: the brand offers 3 kitchen appliances during the sales

This Wednesday, January 11 marks the start of the winter sales in France . This is an opportunity to find good deals in stores. Of course, Lidl is the perfect place to find even cheaper during this period. This year, 3 kitchen appliances stood out well. It is this pressure cooker, this blender and this multifunction robot of the brand. Discover them now in the next lines .

Save time in the kitchen with Lidl's multifunction food processor

The Lidl multifunction robot is the go-to device for busy people . After all, it allows you to perform several tasks at the same time.

You can use it to cut, chop and grate your food easily and quickly . It is ideal for handling vegetables, fruits and cheese, but not only.

This device holds up to 720ml . It has a capacity of 250 Watts.

It is easy to use thanks to to its control system two-key. This is a durable tool made of steel .

It is sold with:

  • 1 efficient slicer,
  • 1 solid grating disc,
  • 2 stainless steel grids,
  • one stainless steel blade knife (to cut nuts for example).
Source : Lidl

This very ergonomic robot can save you time in the simplest tasks in the kitchen. With it, there is no longer any question of spending so much time slicing your onions, cut your carrots or grate the cheese .

What a Lidl robot will save you a lot of time in the realization of your fruit salads and your vegetable tians. Take advantage of this sale period since it is only sold at 11 euros and no longer at 15.99 euros . You benefit from a 31% discount on this fantastic device from Lidl .

Steam your meals to perfection with this exceptional pressure cooker

This pressure cooker from Lidl is the must have to keep your good resolutions of the new year. In fact, to hold this device will help you eat in a healthier way.

It thus allows you to make a nice steaming thanks to a separate basket. This way of cooking gives you the ability to retain good nutrients in food.

More you can also vary the pleasures by simmering or by browning your vegetables. Adding fat is not really necessary. With this pressure cooker you can very well cook vitamin soups , a good Basque chicken, a succulent roast pork, etc.

Source : Lidl

It is a solid device made of stainless steel. He has 2 pressure levels and 5 safety levels .

Lidl pressure cooker adapts to all types of lights : gas, induction, ceramic hob, electric hob and halogen hob. During your next shopping, do not hesitate to take a look at this device. During sales periods, you will have a 28% discount . Instead of being sold at 44.99 euros, you can buy it at 31.99 euros.

Make delicious soups with this heated blender from Lidl

It's hard to miss the sales without taking a look at this heated blender. The device is easy to use . Its best asset lies in its automatic programs for the preparation of compotes, smoothies, soups and soups.

The has beautiful stainless steel blades for the mixing function. You just have to incorporate peeled and pre-cut vegetables. Then just add water. The robot takes care of the rest .

It has a 3.9 liter stainless steel tank and a 1.6 liter mixing bowl. You can try a large number of mixtures with the latter . But you still have the option to follow the recipe booklet associated with this pack.

Source : Lidl

This heated blender from Lidl will allow you to cook and mix your food at the same time. But that's not all. The device can keep your preparations warm .

This device is also very easy to clean . When you are done using it, just mix water with small drops of dishwashing liquid .

During the sales, the brand sells this device from Silvercrest at a 28% discount . Buy it at 31.99 euros and no longer at 44.99 euros.

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