Lidl: the brand offers 30 hidden beans worth 1,000 euros in its galettes des rois

modified: 2023-01-08 19:13:02

After the Christmas holidays, the galette des rois marks the Epiphany. For the occasion, Lidl has launched a delicious and fun competition.

  Lidl : l'enseigne propose 30 fèves cachées d'une valeur de 1 000 euros dans ses galettes des rois

Here is a tradition that the most greedy await each year impatiently. The Galette des Rois belongs to both religious and pastry folklore. This tradition dates back to the 14th century . At the time, broad beans (like beans) were inserted into the cake batter. Since then, we use f Eves designed for the occasion, in porcelain . Depending on the department, the galette can also be replaced by a candied fruit crown. But the custom does not change: whoever finds the bean in his share can designate the kings. If you like crowns and frangipane, good news: Lidl has thought of you .

Lidl: the supermarket that reinvents itself every week

In 2022, this supermarket chain from Germany has been able to evolve, to build loyalty more and more customers . Faced with inflation, it launched its Lidl plus app, to give discounts to consumers. But the success of the brand does not come only from its low prices. After more than three decades on French soil, these stores are no longer limited to discount . Moreover, most now display a modern decoration, and less austere than before.

More Lidl has also been able to find its audience thanks to the originality of its catalog . Thus, the product offer changes constantly with the seasons. From spring, you can find gardening tools on the shelves. For Christmas, some have got into the habit of going there to do their shopping, in view of the New Year's Eve meal. Toys, bedding, but also pastries and breads… The brand has managed to convince the French to come regularly to visit its shelves.

A treasure in the galette des rois

To spice it up a bit he Epiphany celebrations , Lidl has therefore organized a unique game. The company recently said 30 unique beans were hidden in galettes de rois sold this week. How do you know if you have won? You should be able to read 'Won' on the bean. In itself, it has no value in itself. However, if you turn back to the store, then you will get a voucher of 1000 euros . Rather encouraging news at a time when prices are constantly climbing!

Nevertheless, the galettes des rois went on sale from December 7 in Lidl stores. At this stage, we can think that most winning beans have already made people happy . But for the time being, the brand has not given any other information on the end of this competition. So if you bought your galette des rois at Lidl, keep an eye out for the bean there . After all, a good bulk purchase never hurts. And certainly not in times of inflation.

Remember that Lidl did not have this idea first. In effect, a pastry chef based in Belgium has already offered a similar game . Thus, he hid 10 beans, worth 500 euros each, in his cakes. A good way to dream up families at Christmas. But this kind of competition is also ideal for get a good publicity stunt, and win new customers .

Source : TF1