Lidl: the German brand unveils a new product to preserve your food

modified: 2023-01-13 17:52:02

This vacuum sealer is perfect for preserving food. A new Lidl product that will make you happy in your daily life.

  Lidl: the German brand unveils a new product to preserve your food

As for the quality of its products, Lidl stays true to its slogan . The brand offers 'good things' to an affordable price for everyone . In addition, Lidl offers a wide choice of products to its customers to support them in their daily lives.

A new product just hit the store shelves Lidl. It is a vacuum sealer that has all the qualities to be successful with customers. Discover some qualities of this product from the big brand of distribution.

Lidl: models for all preferences

At the end of the year, the brands offer their products at reduced prices . At Lidl, prices remain affordable even outside sales periods. A strategy that attract more customers .

Lidl's success is a phenomenon observed all over the world . Diversity and Evolution some products that he sells are also part of the brand's recipes for success. Lidl is a hit above all thanks to the kitchen appliances that he has been selling for years .

The kitchen robots available at Lidl make cooking faster and easier . Flagship products at Lidl, these robots always make customers happy who have tried them. Customers can find models that agree with their preference and their level in the kitchen.

Lidl offers simple robots for kitchen novices, but also products more suitable for enthusiasts in this area . If you are looking for a coffee machine, for example, Lidl offers several models . And this, for a price that will be within your budget .

At Lidl you can find coffee machines of a futuristic model . If you prefer a more vintage model for your kitchen, you can also find . Whatever your taste, Lidl will satisfy you.

Lild: no more food waste!

If the fridge organization is not your forte , Lidl can help you with its brand new product. The group has put this vacuum packer on sale so that you can keep your food well .

This new vacuum packer from Lidl helps to limit your food waste and thus save money. At the same time, vacuum packing can help you help protect the planet .

You can then consume in peace. This new vacuum packer is an easy-to-use model . You can use it for store moist or dry and delicate foods .

This wrapper has a power of 125 W . This earns it its place among the most powerful models on the market today.

The price of this vacuum sealer will make you dream. Indeed, Lidl sell this product at a lower price . You can afford it for 24.99 euros and choose a white or black color model .

This vacuum sealer sure to be a big hit with Lidl customers . Don't wait to buy some before that there is no more stock .

A measure welcomed by the NGO Foodwatch

The German giant doesn't just care about his success . The brand also cares about its customers and their food. In a press release, the group announced that he wanted to promote marketing for healthy eating and durable for children.

Lidl will no longer advertise unhealthy foods to children. He will apply this measure from this year . The discounter would be the first German food retailer to follow a corresponding WHO recommendation.

By 2025, Lidl is also considering no longer using certain packaging visuals on its food products. The brand mainly targets products that do not respect WHO criteria for healthy eating .

These products will no longer be packaged in such a way as to attract the attention of children. Only promotional items for Christmas, Easter and Halloween will not be affected by this measure .

Lidl wants to improve its brand's food products by expanding the range of vegetable proteins in them. The German group also wants to increase the proportion of whole grains .

Since 2021, the brand has started labeling its products with the 'Nutri-Score'. The non-governmental consumer organization FoodWatch openly welcomed this initiative by Lidl .

Source : Mcetv.west-france