Lidl will finally release a car in its colors, it's an official announcement!

modified: 2022-09-28 17:17:03

As we are so used to good deals at Lidl, we always expect exceptions. A car maybe!


For years, the Lidl chain of stores provides its customers with articles that are useful on a daily basis reasonable price . Following the seasons , household appliances and various related products are on sale in stores. This time, the store sets the bar very high . On the occasion of the first year of existence of its application. He concocts a good surprise to its customers.

Lidl: Selling cars?

A year ago, the retail chain was able to improve its services thanks to its Lidl Plus application . An idea that seems to work since at present, it is one of the applications used by millions of French people .

For this reason, the store decided to mark well the event . For this, he set up cars in his colors . Clearly, three cars will be offered to loyal lucky customers.

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The cars will not be marketed , or manufacture in collaboration with other brands, as usual. This misunderstanding must therefore be eliminated. All three cars will be Minis. According to the information we have received, the three cars in the colors of Lidl will be won by the luckiest customers.

It is important to clear up the rumors that are circulating. The cars are Minis with the colors of the sign and not cars designed to be sold at Lidl .

How to win the cars?

If you are already a loyal Lidl customer and you have the Lidl Plus app, you have a chance to win one of the three cars to colors Lidl. The store offers to participate in the raffle, as soon as your purchases exceed 30 euros.

The Lidl app anniversary event will run from October 03 to November 13 . If you have the app, you can try your luck. Regulars of this large area must already be aware of this contest .

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As for the model of the car, the store chose Minis . A sturdy little car who will sneak in anywhere. It should also be noted that the three Mini X Lidl cars are not SUV models.

Anyway, these three cars will make people happy. Try your luck , we never know !

Lidl: Beware of rumours!

Lidl remains above all a retail store . The sign helps consumers to have good quality items for an affordable price .

She also tries to follow the seasons with the necessities corresponding to them. So it is very rare that you do not find at Lidl everyday products .

Also very well known for the sale of household appliances of the brand Silvercrest . A German brand that for years has accompanied the supermarket . The collaboration between these two boxes seems fruitful. The quality of appliances for sale are worthy major French brands .

And for the cars, they are designed by the Mini brand, but in the colors of Lidl. They will be so reliable cars . They are not for sale, but are up for grabs through the Lidl Plus app. Three lucky people will therefore have the opportunity to receive a Mini X Lidl . To participate, you must make a minimum purchase of 30 euros via the application.