Line Papin: “I stopped eating…” his secrets about his anorexia

modified: 2023-01-22 16:02:02

The novelist Line Papin was successful in bookstores in 2016. Faced with Faustine Bollaert, she recently mentioned her eating disorders.

  Line Papin: “J'ai arrêté de me nourrir…” ses confidences sur son anorexie

Broadcast on France 2, the show It starts today , often chosen to deal with difficult and moving subjects. The presenter of the program thus offers an attentive ear to the guests who came to testify on the tray. Last Friday's edition dealing with eating disorders. On this occasion, the young author, Line Papin, revealed the anorexia she suffered from in the past. According to her, this mental illness is still little known, and therefore quite poorly treated. We will explain everything to you.

The difficult youth of Line Papin

The young writer , from a Franco-Vietnamese family, lived the first years of her life in Hanoi. But as a teenager, Line Papin had to change schools several times. The year he turned 16, all these changes ended up having a heavy impact on his health. Thereby, she began to suffer from anorexia .

As a reminder, it is a particularly dangerous mental illness. It consists of loss of appetite, and inability to eat , which can go very far. The effects ? Weight loss that can lead to death. Moreover, during the broadcast, several shots of Line Papin revealed his extreme thinness at that time.

On his side, the young woman explained this disorder , it's clear. “I was no longer interested. I no longer had an appetite for life, so I stopped eating. I went through anorexia for a year. » But Line Papin managed to leave this terrible disease. Besides, books played a decisive role in his recovery , allowing it to escape and flourish.

The writer is committed against anorexia

From now on, Line Papin has been able to become a recognized novelist , with already 5 books to his credit. She has a certain notoriety. Besides, she even married Marc Lavoine in 2020 , before divorcing in 2022. Thanks to her status as a public figure, she can therefore speak out for those who suffer from anorexia. » These are ancestral diseases that deserve to be recognized, in order to be better treated. »

A commitment that prompted Line Papin to take a stand on Instagram. On June 2, 2021, World Eating Disorders Day, so she shared a message with her community . « taboo, la honte , the presuppositions, the mockery which surrounds them sometimes prevent a serious assumption of responsibility . »

Indeed, while ‘she was able to leave this pathology behind her , Line Papin now wants to help others. She hopes that ' that this day will bring light, listening and that it will lead, in solidarity, those who need it, towards healing. »

Very committed, Line Papin is also part of the French Anorexia Bulimia Federation . And according to her, the best way to fight against these disorders is to talk about them, and above all not to underestimate them. It is definitely a mental illness. Nevertheless, the damage it does remains very real. Thereby, in 2010, the model Isabelle Caro succumbed to the consequences of her illness . She too had documented her disorder in a book, The little girl who didn't want to get fat, released in 2008.

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