Linky, CAF, Pensions: update on the changes and impacts for this year 2023

modified: 2022-12-30 13:05:02

Your daily life as well as your financial situation will undoubtedly change in 2023. Change for those who resist Linky.

  Linky, CAF, Pensions: update on the changes and impacts for this year 2023

The year 2023 promises to be full of novelties . Revaluation, modification, Linky counter, deletion, government measures will certainly affect your daily life . Here is the list of new features that will come into effect in 2023.

In the purchasing power category

Pension reform is expected to come into force around summer 2023 . What is confirmed for the moment is the legal revaluation of the basic pension from January 1, 2023. A revaluation of 0.8% is expected for residents affiliated with the Cnav, the CRNACL, the SRE and the CNAVPL.

Minimum wage will also increase by 1.8% . This is an automatic increase that takes place every January 1st, the level of increase of which is based on inflation. SMIC employees will have to receive an additional 24 euros net in 2023 . The minimum growth wage will reach a total amount of 1,353 euros.

The year 2023 also includes the revaluation of allowances from the family allowance fund (CAF) and the Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA). increases could take place on April 1 of next year .

This should concern:

  • and RSA
  • the APL
  • l’AAH
  • activity bonus
  • back-to-school allowance

Housing assistance (APL) could also increase on April 1, 2023 .

In addition, the current Livret A rate could undergo a further increase on February 1, 2023 . The Livret A rate could approach 3% from February 2023.

The Sustainable and Solidarity Development Booklet (LDDS) and the People's Savings Booklet (LEP) will also increase next year . LEP, which is currently at 4.6%, could reach 6% in 2023.

On the fuel and energy side

The discount at the pump ends in a few hours. This is a new aid that the government will put in place to replace it . This novelty takes the form of a worker fuel allowance of 100 euros.

To benefit from it, the worker must apply on the tax website . The latter must justify with a sworn statement that he uses a vehicle to go to work .

Regarding the increase in energy price , the government has decided to extend the tariff shield . The device will however experience a change concerning the capping of the price increase.

The tariff shield will limit the rise in gas prices to 15% in January and that of electricity in February 2023. Without this device, the French will suffer an explosive rise in energy prices in 2023 .

In the transport category

The price of tickets on certain SNCF trains will increase from January 10, 2023 . A decision taken as a result of the increase in electricity prices.

Ticket prices could be 5 times more expensive, especially for TGVs . The increase in the price of TER will depend on the choices of each territory.

Motorway prices will also undergo an increase from February 1, 2023 . The French should expect an increase of 4.75% on average.

January 1, 2023 corresponds to the start of the Prime carpooling scheme. A person who launches into short-distance carpooling will receive a bonus of 100 euros. The driver will need to use a government-recognized carpooling platform to receive the bonus. The payment of this bonus is done in 2 parts .

The first payment of 25 euros is made no later than 3 months after the first carpooling trip. The second payment of 75 euros comes after the completion of the 10th carpooling trip .

Motorists who live in a low emission zone (ZFE) will be able to benefit from a loan at zero interest . And this, for the purchase of a low-polluting vehicle. The maximum loan amount is up to 30,000 euros.

Access to aid for the purchase of an electric bicycle will become more flexible in 2023. Indeed, this bonus will be granted to French people with tax income reference less than 14,089 euros. Nearly 50% of the poorest households can apply for this aid .

Linky counter: deletion and prohibition

The stamp in material form will no longer exist in 2023 . La Poste is entering the era of dematerialized mail and therefore no more red stamps. The digital stamp of which the price will be 1.49 euro will take the place .

From next year, commercial calls will be prohibited on weekends and public holidays . They will also be prohibited on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The anti-waste law will prohibit the printing of receipts from April 1, 2023 . If the customer wishes to obtain a ticket, he will have to request it. The receipt could be sent by email.

The average price of a pack of cigarettes will increase by 50 cents in 2023 . A further increase of 35 cents is also planned for 2024.

Regarding taxes, housing tax on the main residence will be permanently phased out in 2023 . She however, remains applicable to second homes .

The refusal of the Linky meter will no longer be without consequences from January 1, 2023. The use of Linky no longer requires a physical presence for meter reading.

People who still have a classic meter will have to pay the bill for the relief . Those who resist the Linky meter must pay an annual amount of 61 euros, or 5 euros per month. The only way to escape this additional cost is to send the statement yourself .

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