Linky counter: a penalty if you are not yet equipped in 2023

modified: 2022-12-08 17:44:02

In 2023, customers who do not have a Linky meter or send their consumption index will pay 50 euros per year. Are you part of it?

  Linky counter: a penalty if you are not yet equipped in 2023

In September 2022, 35.4 million households have a Linky meter . Recalcitrant Enedis customers are estimated at a few million. The device makes it easier to draw electricity and reduce this consumption, in certain cases. But in the absence of a Linky meter, customers must declare their consumption index themselves , at least once a year. Otherwise, they face a penalty of 50 euros per year. Find out the details in this article.

The penalty from 2023 for those who do not have a Linky meter

Linky was launched in 2015. But its implementation divided French opinion . Many find this one too intrusive. The concept of this meter called “intelligent”, is to allow the supplier to remotely read the consumption of the household. It is even possible for him to reduce power supply if bill is not paid .

Until 2021, the recalcitrant could refuse the installation of the device , by sending a letter to Enedis. But this device is now mandatory.

Although in some cases, refusal is tolerated, this choice has a price .

'Indeed, from 2023, households that have refused the installation of the Linky meter, and who have not provided at least one index reading in 2022, will have to pay compensation to cover this service, regardless of their energy supplier,” warns the utility site.

Affected customers will have to pay 8.30 euros in addition , every two months, regardless of their electricity supplier. A penalty is equivalent to 49.80 euros excluding tax in one year, until the home's electricity meter replaces a Linky meter. This amount will then be reassessed in 2025 .

Linky meter: No more free from 2015

34 million meters Lines were installed in December 2021 . An impressive number which represents 90% of Enedis customers. About 3.8 million households are targeted by the measure . According to the utility's website:

“You are only concerned if you have not communicated any index statement during the last 12 months (i.e. over the whole of 2022)”.

A report by the Court of Auditors indicated that the actual installation price of a Linky meter should cost 130 euros. However, Enedis directly takes charge of the installation of the smart meter, via its technicians. These have, in fact, received the necessary training for the installation of the device .

The compensation levied by Enedis from January 2023 corresponds to the service costs of a technician. This amount will be listed directly on the electricity bill . This is a measure proposed by the Energy Regulation Commission (CRE), since last March. For the organization, it was a question of “defining the new incentive regulation framework that will apply to the Linky project until 2024.”

If you do not have a Linky meter and you make your own annual statement , you will not pay compensation, until December 2024. On the other hand, the public service site states that if “in January 2025, you are still not equipped with a Linky meter, know that you will no longer benefit from free , whether or not you perform self-surveys. Unless the installation of the Linky meter proves impossible for technical reasons”.

Is getting a Linky meter really worth it?

Make the choice of install a Linky meter offers many advantages.

Transparency of operations

Old meters just offer an annual estimate of your consumption electricity with regulation. On the other hand, it is possible to know the actual billing per month thanks to a Linky meter.

A better understanding of your consumption

Have a Linky counter provides better information on household consumption. According to ADEME, more precise information on the subject makes it possible to optimize your electricity consumption .

Prompt reporting of faults

Automatic detection of the Linky meter allows you to quickly identify a fault . It is therefore a device that really makes life easier.

The simplicity of operations

The Linky meter reads the necessary data remotely . You will therefore not have to travel to declare your consumption index. You will escape the penalty of 50 euros per year .

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