Linky: little-known tips for reducing your energy bill

modified: 2023-02-03 13:41:02

With the rising cost of electricity, it's high time to save energy. Here are 3 tips using Linky.

  Linky: little-known tips for reducing your electricity bill'énergie

On February 1, the electricity price shield increased from 4% to 15% . The bills are sure to go up. Now is the time to save as much energy as possible. By the way, in addition to being a connected meter, Linky is famous for its energy saving functions .

According to statistics, about 35 million French households are equipped with Linky meter . Thanks to the efforts of the government, the installation rate is 92%. Despite this large number, very few users know how to use its energy saving functions . Today, we offer you 3 tips to lower your bill thanks to the Linky meter.

Linky meter: a connected meter

For 10 years, the electricity distribution network manager Enedis has been promoting the advantages of a connected meter. Since 2021, the government has set up a quasi-compulsory system to cover the maximum number of households with Linky. Those who accept the installation were improved and the reverse for those who refuse.

In 2022, the installation rate reached 92%. The Linky meter really makes life easier . Thanks to its connect functions, there is no longer any need to queue at your energy supplier to transmit your consumption index . This is done automatically or by simple click with the Linky counter.

Currently, approximately 3.8 million households are not equipped with Linky meters . The owners of these non-Linky meters must pay attention to the penalties linked to the delay in communicating their consumption indexes. These indexes must be communicated at least once a year . What is deplorable is that despite the majority of installation of the small green box, very few actually know how to use it.

Here are 3 ways to use Linky to make significant electricity savings

The advantages of the Linky connected meter are not limited to ease of index transmission of consumption. In addition to being a connected meter, Linky is also an economical meter. Here is 3 ways to save energy with :

1. Moderate power as needed

Before I let you know how adapt the power of the Linky meter to your needs , first discussing the functionality of this counter. The first role of this device is to communicate your consumption to Enedis.

On the little green box, you will see a small screen . On this small screen, you can follow the following give:

  • The consumption index (in kWh),
  • The tariff option,
  • The subscribed power,
  • The power used,
  • The maximum power of the day.

By comparing the power subscribed and the power used, you know if the power of your meter is adapted to your needs. So, you can change offers according to your needs , or even change power. For the latter, the first change is totally free.

This operation is a gesture of savings, because by changing offers, it is quite possible that you reduce the electricity you need . In any case, you would be certain that the electricity sent to your home is fine and quite sufficient for your needs.

2. Real-time monitoring

At the top of a Linky meter, you will find a small LED . At the rate of the flashing of the latter, you can follow in real time the level of your consumption. In addition, this is displayed in kWh on the small screen. All of this is valid only when you are at home .

One of the great advantages of a connected meter: you can track this information remotely on your mobile phone . To do this, simply create an account on the Enedis site or via the “Enedis by my side” application. On a phone or computer screen, consumption is more detailed. Our colleagues from Presse-citron, published on January 30, 2023, said:

“These interfaces help, for example, to see consumption graphically and on various time scales (hour, day or month)”

Better yet, Enedis makes it easy to compare month to month . It doesn't stop there, you can also have comparison with other homes in the same department .

3. Connections with even more informative apps

Don't forget that Enedis is just the electricity network operator , but not your energy supplier. However, the Linky counter easily connects with apps of these suppliers who give more details.

Among these third-party applications, “EDF and me” and “My conso+ (Engie)” allows you to do the following:

  • Generate a monthly bilan,
  • Compare your consumption to a household with a similar profile
  • Get advice on how to reduce your expenses

Well, now you know 3 tips to reduce your bill with a Linky meter . All you have to do is apply them.

Source : Presse-citron