Linky meter: daily power cuts from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. provided for by decree?

modified: 2022-10-02 13:24:02

Since it was deployed among the French, the Linky counter has caused a lot of controversy.

  Linky counter

Whereas Europe is preparing for a difficult winter , many fear they are running out of energy. In a climate of distrust of the government, some are beginning to fear power outages . Sure, the Linky meter remains at the heart of these new rumors. However, the rumor is also based on a text of law, supervisor the deactivation of electricity subscriptions . While the debate rages on the Web, it would however be a misinterpretation.

Can the decree dated September 27, 2022 allow Linky meters to be cut off?

Internet users continue to panic. According to them, the decree published by the Ministry of Ecological Transition does not bode well. On social networks, publications warn about outages planned every day between 11 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. . According to their theory, the state would use the Linky meters to cut off the running from a distance.

Enedis nevertheless denied such accusations. The company then specified that in the event of force majeure, cuts may occur . But if necessary, they would concern everyone. Having a Linky meter does not further expose this kind of measure .

To avoid misunderstandings, Enedis I indicated that the cuts can only be done “directly via the medium voltage electrical network and not depending on the Linky meter equipment. »

What does this new energy sobriety measure mean?

Thereby, the Linky meter was targeted due to its bad reputation. However, the text published on September 27 is about something completely different. In fact, it concerns households still having a subscription, with a pricing off-peak hours / peak hours .

It is therefore not about daily power cuts, but about the device which governs off-peak hours.
'The automatic switching signal linked to off-peak hours from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. for controlled electrical uses'.

This system which distinguishes the price energy depending on the time of day will not stay in place. This measure will allow save nearly 3.5 GW according to RTE. Thus, according to the Electricity Transmission Network, this measure has nothing to do with the users of the Linky meter. In fact, the energy thus preserved represents the production of 3 nuclear power plants.

A crucial gesture of sobriety while inflation and the crisis of energies rage. Far from the rumors about the Linky meter, Elisabeth Borne gave a reassuring speech. Also, according to the Prime Minister, France should have enough energy .
“If everyone takes responsibility and shows the necessary sobriety. »

But the problem of collective responsibility remains the sinews of war. While the French have always rejected the Linky meter, they no longer seem to believe in state promises . On the Web, Internet users from all walks of life castigate his policy energy . Conspiracy theorists, groups against the Linky counter, opposition politicians... Politicians face a global discontent.

In this context, many people try to get organized for the winter. Some multiply eco-gestures, while others denounce abuse of the most affluent. Let's hope that the country will remain united in the coming months !