Linky meter: here is the unstoppable and magical trick to save a lot of energy and money!

modified: 2022-09-18 22:02:02

Linky meter users can save energy in order to pay less for their consumption. To do this, simply follow its energy expenditure.

  Linky counter

With shortages and inflations, all means are implemented to pay fewer bills! Side energy , the amount to be paid depends largely on consumption. Households that use a Linky meter can apply expense tracking to reduce their energy demand and thus pay less. Furthermore, it is also possible to reduce energy consumption thanks to a few gestures eco-responsible.

Linky meter, consumption can be tracked

Those who bought their meter from Linky are more advantaged this winter . Indeed, it would be possible to make a energy saving with this device. Although some do not yet believe the veracity of this fact, its use would reduce the electricity bill. Indeed, these counters make it possible to follow up energy consumption in real time.

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A household can thus check its request energy, including which device uses the most electricity. This, in order to reduce the expense. Similarly, you will be able to know at what time of the daytime or when you use the most energy. The goal is to minimize your consumption. It should be noted that these counters work with any type of supplier . Whether with ILEK, ENGIE or EDF.

Less consumption for less bill to pay

If a household that uses a Linky meter manages to detect which machine is the most energy-intensive , it could reduce its use. Similarly, the mode of electricity consumption could be changed. If we take for example the case of the night, many would be surprised. Indeed, although we do not know it, we can use too much energy when we sleep .

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The cause is that the devices appliances stay Standby the night. PS4, computers, internet box or televisions consume electricity when they are not switched off. So we have to get used to unplugging them when we are not using them. This, in order to reduce consumption and reduce the amount to pay for energy, with Linky meter or not. If you save well, you can earn up to 46 euros a year.

Other tips to save more with Linky meters

For daily monitoring of consumption in electricity, Linky is already putting everything in place. An application called Enedis by my side has indeed been created to help French households. The other features of the counter can also be consulted in the article my personal account. This allows you at least 10% of economy . In addition, you can also apply daily some eco-responsible gestures .

To support the energy saving technique with the Linky meter, a few techniques are also applicable in a household. The insulation of the house makes it possible to reduce the electricity demand . The heating system also requires the most energy, especially in winter. In addition, it is also possible to adjust its thermostat slightly lowering the temperature from its interior. You can also adjust the water heater to save both water and energy .