Linky meter: real-time monitoring, power, how to reduce your daily consumption?

modified: 2023-02-08 12:47:02

There are many tips published by the government to save energy. The use of a Linky counter is one of them.

  Linky meter: real-time monitoring, power, how to reduce your daily consumption?

Since February 1, 2023, the tariff shield which limited the increase in electricity at 4% increased by 15% . Direct consequences of this, the bills will be salty. It must be said that it is time to save energy as much as possible . By the way, did you know that the Linky meter can reduce your electricity bill?

Some tips for saving energy require a large investment . Why look far when in your home there is a way that allows you to reduce your electricity bill? Here's how a Linky meter can save you a lot of energy.

Linky meter: a smart meter

Linky is the name of the latest generation of smart meters. The Linky meter is smart, because unlike older models, he is communicative and transmits a lot of information from a distance. Even better, data transmission can be automatic.

Given this functionality, the government launched a great wave of awareness since 2021 . The objective is for all French households to have a Linky meter installed. According to the 2022 statistics, the installation rate is about 90% . This result is not bad, but the goal is to have a rate of 100%.

To achieve this, the government adopted the bonus-malus system . Indeed, those who accept the installation of the new account receive bonuses and those who refuse get a penalty. So far, the penalties for homes that refuse the installation of Linky only apply when they are late in communicating their consumption indexes .

The Ctendance news site, published on January 4, 2023, stated that this sanction modality is only valid until 2024:

'If in January 2025, you still do not own a Linky meter, you will have to pay an additional cost on your energy bill'.

Besides being smart, a Linky meter is also economical . Here's why ?

Linky meter: an economical meter

Indeed, having a Linky meter can allow you to make significant bill reductions . However, it is necessary to understand the functions of the counter and to know how to handle it. Here are the functions that will allow you to save energy:

Real-time monitoring of consumption

The Linky meter tracks your electricity consumption minute by minute and second by second. If you are at home, you can do this by looking at the small screen on the green box . This small screen displays the following information:

  • The consumption index (in kWh),
  • The tariff option,
  • The subscribed power,
  • The power used,
  • The maximum power of the day

If however, you are not at home, since the Linky meter is connected, you can track this information via smartphone or computer . To do this, you must create an account on the company's online platform. See this information will certainly encourage you to adopt non-energy-consuming attitudes .

Make comparisons of your consumption

If you have created an account, the information displayed on smartphone or computer screens is very detailed. You can display consumption graphically with multiple time scales. Therefore, you can see the consumption curve per hour, per day or per month.

Thus, it is easy to make comparisons between your consumption per day . Better still, in order to compare you to others, this account provides you with the consumption of other households in your department. This gives you a way to reference and allows you to reduce your consumption .

Modify the power as needed

To find out if your Linky meter suits your needs or not, rely on the meter's LED lamp . The faster it flashes, the greater the amount of current used. And the opposite too. Taking this into account, you can gauge if the power of your meter suits your needs .

The first power change is free. To do this, contact Enedis. If you reduce your power, of course, your bill will also decrease .

Connect with other apps

Since the Linky meter is a connected meter, you can request the use of other applications . In addition to the Enedis application, you can connect to your energy supplier's applications. These are very indicative.

By way of illustration, the “EDF and me” and “Ma conso+ (Engie)” application allows you to do the following actions :

  • Generate a monthly balance sheet,
  • Compare your consumption to a household with a similar profile
  • Get advice on how to reduce your expenses

Source : Ctendance