Linky meter: this function saves energy and money!

modified: 2022-09-28 22:45:04

In order to reduce the amount of the invoice, Enedis recommends the use of the Linky meter. It is practical and beneficial.

  Linky counter

To hold on during this winter, a few energy saving devices are placed. An example is scheduled load shedding. It is indeed necessary to reduce the demand for energy in order to have enough feed all French households. Furthermore, it is also possible to track electricity consumption using a Linky meter . Find out the details in the following paragraphs.

The Linky meter has a feature to reduce the expense

Did you know it was possible to do more savings energy with the Linky meter? And yes, it is indeed doable.

A unique feature accompanies the device. It is this specificity that differs this yellow Enedis box from the old ones conventional counters. Indeed, it allows you to follow your consumption energy in real time.

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This way you can better manage your spending over the long term. The goal is to be able to put in place the right actions to minimize the amount of the invoice.

Note that the Linky counter has a dashboard. By pressing the + button, you will get the data your level of energy demand. So you just have to watch your electrical appliances to save money.

Can we save with the Enedis meter?

Indeed, the Linky counter allows you to closely monitor your expenses. But also it also provides you with other data. These allow you to make a comparison between your consumption and that of other households.

In particular, those who are registered with the same Powerful that you. So you can take inspiration from behaviours of your neighbors in terms of eco-friendly actions. The idea is to adopt a maximum of reflex bonuses .

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In addition, the Linky meter allows you to make considerable savings , whether in energy or in amount to be paid. Indeed, a household that uses an Enedis meter can expect up to 5 to 10% savings on the bill.

Although this rate may seem small, the effect could be considerable if applied to a multisite park . Moreover, the figure can be even more profitable if you adopt a behavior of consumption atypical.

It is thus about a small change that gives large-scale effects e. Over time, this rate can therefore prove to be very profitable.

What differentiates the Linky counter from the others?

The French can save more with the Linky meter, especially after the optimization of ex-blue tariffs . Indeed, the latter have been set aside for various reasons. Let's quote it risk outages and insufficient data.

As a reminder, one out of two invoices was based on the estimate. In addition, the intervention of an Enedis technician was billed for implementing the optimization.

The operation was thus unprofitable, even loss-making. This is why the use of a Linky meter is recommended since it is beneficial for French households . Certainly the risk of cutting exists, but it is easier to control. Prevention is also possible remotely by analyzing all the data collected .

In addition, you can decrease the amount of your invoice improving the price of your supplier and by optimizing your routing settings.