Linky meter: this magic technique to apply to reduce consumption and your bill!

modified: 2022-09-26 00:58:02

Linky meter users benefit from many advantages this winter. They will save more on their bill and will not have to travel to communicate the statement.

  Linky counter

With high energy demand and the current crisis, load shedding could be applied this winter. However, the French who use a Linky meter are far from going through this winter without help. The device is indeed very beneficial. It even allows reduce energy consumption . In other words, the invoice price to payer at the end of the month will be lower! Just adopt this trick!

Linky counter, practical and beneficial!

The Linky counter of Enedis is located in almost every household French. Connected and intelligent, the device allows you to monitor the consumption energy with precision. It is therefore a real revolution for the winter period 2022.

You can also implement a few procedures to optimize your expenses. And this , thanks to data in real time. You will no longer have to monitor your consumption at all. This will reduce your bill .

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In addition, the Linky meter is a communicating device. Not only does it provide you with data on your expenses energy… But it also transmits the data to your energy supplier .

You no longer have to travel to send the statement Datas on the counter. Likewise, the amount of your bill will no longer be based on a estimation , but following an actual index.

Why the cut?

Households have recently seen on the Linky meter screen a message alarming! Indeed, the latter indicates a power overrun.

This message means that the household, having exceeded the subscription quantity. He is in a situation of overconsumption . For his part, the vendor of energy, Enedis, does not wait for cut the electricity as soon as this kind of notification appears.

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Customers then judge this gesture inadmissible . Since there was not even a warning before the cut. Many households were surprised by this decision once electricity has been cut. And, of course, they make a complaint .

In this context, Enedis recommends customers to check their subscription quantity and consumption with the operator. Indeed, contesting the amount of the invoice is not always easy. Use of the Linky meter does it require a more expensive subscription?

Can the Linky meter be used with another device?

In order to remedy to the worries of surprise cuts , there is a fairly simple solution. Apart from monitoring the consumption on the Linky meter and various eco-responsible gestures, you can also use a load shedder of energy.

Indeed, it is a device which is installed at the output of the circuit breaker. You will find it between the differentials and circuit breakers divisional. It is located just before the protection arrangements.

The operation of the load shedder keep it pretty simple. The device monitors the power demand. He then cuts all secondary lines of energy. And this, so that the Linky meter does not trip.

As soon as the level of electricity returns to normal , the load shedder reactivates everything. This also lowers the bill. But in addition to that, it does not require subscription to expensive subscriptions. It just needs to be compatible with your meter .