Linky meter: you can track your consumption in real time

modified: 2022-12-15 13:12:02

Linky meter: a French start-up offers a sensor to allow you to monitor your electricity consumption at the moment T.

  Linky meter: you can track your consumption in real time

In the midst of an energy crisis, each household is looking for a way to reduce electricity consumption whether by adopting the meter Lines or others. For the time being, this remains quite difficult, since specific monitoring cannot yet be done. However, new technology may soon allow this . This is a sensor developed by the Lyon start-up My energy Manager. An innovative device that will be useful for coping with the upcoming rise in energy prices in 2023 . Explanations.

A device to correct the opacity of the Linky meter

Connected meters Lines , said to be intelligent are present in the majority of French households . They make it possible to collect important electricity consumption data for each home.

In revenge, the transmission of ces informations is only possible after a certain period . According to Antony Parsons, managing director of My Energy Manager:

“Energy suppliers retrieve data from Linky, but with a delay of 12 to 24 hours, so we are always behind schedule compared to our consumption at a given time. »

Antony Parsons indicated that the data returned by the Linky counter weren't clear enough .

“In France, we are a little behind. We have Linky meters, but we have not given consumers the means to have precise information that goes back. The Linky meter remains in the cupboard. »

Antony Parsons leads My energy manager (MyEM) with Pierre-Emmanuel Martin (president). Their company, created in Lyon in 2020, already aimed to “give power back to the French over their electricity consumption. » For this, it was therefore necessary to create a tool to offer more transparency to consumers.

A sensor connected to the Linky meter

Antony Parsons pointed out:

“Our solution, certified by Enedis, allows you to consume only what you need, by seeing directly where your expenses come from and the impact of your eco-actions on your budget and your carbon footprint”.

This is a sensor attached to the meter Lines . It's kind of their energy saving solution .

“Studies show that we save between 10 and 25% on the electricity bill from the moment the sensor is installed,” continues the general manager of My energy manager.

This device with a small screen similar to a mobile phone , will be available from January 2023. Moreover, it works without the intermediary of an application.

The sensor displays the consumption live electric in kilowatt hours and in euros of a household. It is enough just to specify the contract chosen and the supplier . It is a powerful comparison tool for evaluating its weekly electricity consumption , monthly and annually.

To set it up, the green cover will have to be removed of the Linky box. You must then connect the sensor from a socket on the meter. As it is a connected device, this one must be connected to the Wifi of the accommodation .

This new technology cannot specify the most energy-intensive sources . But it will be able to report anomalies on the use of energy.

20 million Britons have already chosen to use this sensor to track their energy expenditure. In order to get yours, you will first have to place your order on the internet. For 139 euros, you can follow this data on your computer or any connected device.

A solution approved by Enedis

Mass installation of the Linky meter facilitated the task of Enedis and energy suppliers . This remote monitoring also allowed them to gain speed in their work.

However, users accuse a complex and unclear system . Also, many households even opposed the installation of the Linky meter.

This My energy Manager sensor could reconcile consumers with the small yellow case. But is the installation of this new technology on the Enedis device really allowed?

Antony Parsons answered in the affirmative .

“We had this solution certified by Enedis, which granted us authorization to connect to the Linky meter,” he says.

Moreover, the EDF subsidiary replied that there was nothing to worry about , like what, the sensor improved the work already provided.

“There is no competition. The proposal of this start-up is complementary, it is instant data,” she assured.

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