Linky: the meter will be able to be automatically cut off this winter 2022? The controversy swells!

modified: 2022-09-19 13:16:01

The Linky counter could experience frequent cuts for the coming season! The cost of inflation continues to hit hard!


According to the latest information revealed, it turns out that the Linky meter could experience an automatic shutdown this winter! A detail that did not fail to make users react. Moreover, it is certainly one of the seasons that the French fear the most. And for several weeks, the problems related to the arrival of the winter season are already being felt! What impact will this radical decision have on the daily lives of users of this service? We tell you everything in the following lines!

Linky: An automatic shutdown for this winter!

The cost of inflation continues to soar these days. Thus, this leads to a great drop in purchasing power! Apart from the price of fuel which has seen some uplift recently, you should know that electricity has not been spared either.

The amount of bills becomes higher and higher. Definitely, the end of the month of the French is far from being a cakewalk.

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And apparently, the arrival of the winter season is unlikely to change much! On the contrary, it turns out that the situation is going deteriorate further . Result of the conflict between the two countries which are no longer to be presented, Europe is currently experiencing energy shortages.

Among these, electricity is at the center of the issues! So how are we going to get out of it if an energy cut occurs in the coming months? The Linky meter, for its part, had already taken an initiative!

A shortage of energy threatens the French!

As you have been told, a shortage in terms energy could strike in the middle of the winter season. And eventually, the Linky counter could stop working.

Especially since this cut could occur at any time ! But rest assured, this detail is far from definitive.

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Indeed, it is important to note that these cuts will only last a few hours. The main objective of the company is that its customers can make savings.

And this, starting by investing in a a commodity that is becoming increasingly rare, unfortunately .

Linky counter: Enedis takes the floor!

Faced with this radical decision, Enedis wanted to give more explanations! “A preventive, localized and rotating cut-off device has always been one of the mechanisms activables in case of risks”, was declared.

We also note that the company is the one that manages the electricity system in France. Contrary to what some people think, the Linky meter is not actually the only decision maker ! Other power distributors are also in the same boat.

'Everything is good, anyway, to try to save the slightest resource', wanted Enedis to emphasize! Saving is precisely crucial , above all, to prepare for the arrival of the season winter.

As difficult as this period may seem, we have no choice but to stick together to get out of it.