Linky: this magic trick to reduce your energy bill thanks to the meter!

modified: 2022-09-27 01:08:01

Want to discover a new gadget that allows you to track your energy consumption hour by hour? Linky is here for you!


Since the economic crises, many countries are suffering the consequences. And this, in particular on the supply of energy. As the Republic has called for energy sobriety, we must also continue with gestures. Linky, the meter will control electricity expenditure every hour.

Linky: Discovering a new device!

The Linky meter is a meter that is designed to promote the development of renewable energy. But also of electric mobility and consumption control . It's a tool essential for responsible and committed consumption.

With the price of electricity soaring, it's time to discover tools and devices that will reduce the amount due in the bill. Linky is therefore the last invention which will make your life easier. According to the explanations received, the latter is a communicating meter.

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More specifically, it serves as an accelerator towards the transition ecological . It allows consumers to monitor their consumption by themselves.

Households are starting to take a serious interest in this tool. Surely because of its many advantages and maneuverability. A good point that deserves to be exploited as much as possible.

Self-consumption, convenience and electric mobility!

Following the call for energy sobriety individually and collectively, it would be good to look for tools that meet its criteria. From now on, we have Linky, a partner tool for life, especially to manage electricity.

Linky is a tool that allows you to control your consumption instantly. And who says, control of consumption says, control of the invoice.

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Thanks to its very precise vision of daily energy expenditure, Linky will be your ally for managing energy expenditure.

Currently deployed in Deux-Sèvres, you must to register beforehand at Geredis. This is the energy distributor in Deux-Sèvres. A website is also available for those who cannot travel or for those who want to speed up the request for obtaining the Linky meter.

Linky: A promising future!

The Linky meter is already available in several departments. If your city does not have the famous counter yet, you just have to wait for it to happen. In fact, it will be offered everywhere in France. In close collaboration with the municipalities, the departments , regions, etc. for the sole purpose of controlling electricity consumption. It is intended for everyone.

Its use is highly recommended. Indeed, thanks to Linky, you can follow your consumption. The meter gives you hour by hour the precise value of your consumption . Although it is not yet installed on all households in France, it will not be long. The responsible are doing everything possible and have set themselves the goal that within a few months, all households will have Linky in their homes. They will be able to easily control their electricity. This will undoubtedly reduce not only the energy consumption, but above all the price of the invoice.